Monday, February 8, 2010

The Dallas World Aquarium

On Saturday Keelie, Jonah, Glory, & I took a trip to The Dallas World Aquarium. Keelie had called Saturday morning and said she and the kiddos were bored and wanted to know if I wanted to do something. So off we went to grab Chick-fil-A and head downtown. We'd never been to the aquarium so it was fun to check it out. Jonah really enjoyed taking pictures of the different animals. He kept asking me for my camera to do so. Turns out he's a pretty good photographer at the age of 4. The aquarium was a wee bit expensive for the two hours it took to go through it, but oh well, it was fun and the kiddos enjoyed it. On our way out there was some scary drama, thank goodness it wasn't our own. Sadly a woman had lost her little boy and was in hysterics. Thank goodness he was quickly located, although he had wondered way out in the parking lot. That was precisely why I kept making Jonah hold my hand and wait for us and he just didn't understand why he couldn't run ahead.

There were tons of cool waterfalls. Jonah stayed still long enough to pose in front of this one.

Glory & Jonah really enjoyed seeing the otters swim by.

I thought this was pretty.

Jellyfish look so weird. Jonah got a good shot of these.

The different tanks are so pretty!

Jonah at the penguin exhibit.

After the aquarium we headed to the mall for a little play and snack time for the kids.
She wanted the camera inbetween eating her nuggets.

Yum! Sonic!

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