Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Spring!

Yesterday was the first day of spring. Here in Texas our first day of spring consisted of SNOW! Yes, snow. It hasn't seemed much like Texas this season. I think I've seen more snow this season then all the other times in my 30 years, put together.

I went to Gunter yesterday evening to visit with Keelie & the kids. It had snowed a bit before I left for Gunter and a bit on my way there, but nothing was accumulating so it wasn't a big deal. I got on Facebook while there and noticed all the snow accumulation in Decatur that my friends were talking about and thought it was crazy. I even talked to Courtney that evening and she mentioned the snow they had in Decatur and I told her nothing was on the ground in Gunter. Of course Keelie & I were pretty surprised when we looked out the window at 10:30 pm to see tons of snow on the ground and it was still coming down heavy. I guess alot can happen when you are busy catching up and don't look outside for 5 hours. Opted to spend the night on their couch instead of drive the 30 minutes back to Frisco in the dark, snowy night.

Livestock in the snow in Gunter.

The snow that accumulated on my car. I drove with the big mound from Gunter to Frisco.

My apt complex.

Outside my patio.

The stairs really got it too, but I thought they looked pretty!

It was everywhere. The cement around my door and stairs was icy as well.

Jax inspected the snow from his perch on the recliner.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Magically Delicious Master

Saint Patrick's Day was yesterday and work decided to have a Spirit Day. Potlucks were coordinated within the departments, people were encouraged to wear green, and there was a dessert contest. The winner would be named the Master of the Magically Delicious. I decided I needed that title. I mean hey, I think I'm the Ghetto Ace of Cakes anyway, might as well show my skills, right? So off I went to google Saint Patty's Day treats. I came across these super cute Leprechaun Hat Cookies on Betty Crocker's website and I knew that is what I HAD to make! There could only be one entry per team, so after my team decided I could be that entry, I was off to bake.

Betty Crocker Sugar Cookies & large marshmallows formed the hat shape.
Once the vanilla icing was melted and dyed I poured it over the cookies. I must have done something wrong because one can of frosting and gel dye didn't do the job. Thankfully I had an extra can of frosting and food coloring in the pantry. Too bad the color was a bit off. Pouring the icing on the cookies was harder than it might seem. And beware of it running right off the counter. lol. Also, keep your cats from jumping in the excess icing once cookies are complete.

The hat bands were made of Tootsie Rolls. Ever try to roll a Tootise Roll with a rolling pin? Not the easiest. Toward the end I skipped the rolling pin and just made snake-like bands. Who says hat bands have to be flat, right?

Ta da! Finished product. It turned out pretty well if I do say so myself! ;) Only took like 6 hours. lol. These will never be made by me again.

There were definitely some mishaps. These three got thrown in the trash instead of taken to work. The frosting got too thick, I tried to take it off and melt it some, and then it was way too thin and oily. Not a pretty sight.

My final product. I decorated the tray to push the cute factor over the edge. ;)

Taking them to the judges table.

The 9 entries.

And the people who made them.

Not me. lol. Booo! Hisss! Monica's Leprechaun Hat Cake came in first. It was pretty cute, I have to admit. Cane's huge cupcake in the background placed as well.

The prize. Deb made a super cute prize bow. My Cricut did a pretty good job on the letters too. ;)

Even though I didn't win it was a fun Spirit Day at work and I did enjoy the compliments on my cookies. Oh, and an insider on the Spirit Team told me I came in 4th, so I guess that's not too bad. I think next year I'll throw some green food coloring on rice krispies and call it a day!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

10 Years Today

Ten years ago today was one of the worst days of my and my family's lives. I had just returned from a fantastic mission trip to Galveston with my college Sunday school class to find out that my mom had been diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer. CANCER. How could this be? What now? Other people got cancer...not my mom! In just a few short days I had to return to Nacogdoches to college and mom would be over four hours away battling this terrible disease. After chemo, a mastectomy, more chemo, and radiation she was in remission. CANCER FREE. Praise GOD! Faith, family, & friends definitely got all of us through this difficult time. It's still hard to think back on that time; that day. It brings tears to my eyes to think about those difficult struggles. The scary unknown we were facing.

Mom is a SURVIVOR. She never got down and wallowed in self-pity. She trusted God and had faith. Mom has told me many, many times that "Attitude is everything." She's usual. She's a fighter. The strongest person I know. A steel magnolia that has SURVIVED breast cancer TWICE. I thank God for my terrific mother. I thank Him for the Christian example she has always been in my life. I would not be me without her.

God, thank you so much for Mom. Thank you for healing her from breast cancer. Thank you for bringing us all through the hard times and for bringing us closer together as a family because of those hard times. Thank you for the example she is to so many. Thank you for the help that she gives to others who are going through breast cancer, just like she did. God, I thank you so much for my mom. Please continue to take care of her and her health. She means the world to me.

In Jesus' Name.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Cadbury Creme Egg‏s

I LOVE Cadbury Creme Eggs. Love them! I get excited when they enter the store shelves every year. It's really not fair that they are only available for such a short time. I hate to admit that I enjoy quite a few of these milk chocolate eggs with soft fondant centers during the season. I've noticed that people either love these creme eggs or hate them. There really is no in-between. They have been a love of mine since childhood. I enjoy the commercials too. A bunny rabbit that sounds like a chicken with the slogan "No Bunny Knows Easter Better than Cadbury!". Greatness!

This Easter season be sure to check them out. If you don't enjoy them, send the leftover eggs my way. They won't go to waste! ;)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy 88th!

Grandma turned 88 on March 5th. We celebrated with lunch last Sunday. It was a nice afternoon and celebration.

We love you Grandma! You mean the world to us! :o)