Monday, March 15, 2010

Cadbury Creme Egg‏s

I LOVE Cadbury Creme Eggs. Love them! I get excited when they enter the store shelves every year. It's really not fair that they are only available for such a short time. I hate to admit that I enjoy quite a few of these milk chocolate eggs with soft fondant centers during the season. I've noticed that people either love these creme eggs or hate them. There really is no in-between. They have been a love of mine since childhood. I enjoy the commercials too. A bunny rabbit that sounds like a chicken with the slogan "No Bunny Knows Easter Better than Cadbury!". Greatness!

This Easter season be sure to check them out. If you don't enjoy them, send the leftover eggs my way. They won't go to waste! ;)


  1. I believe that I'm actually someone who's in between. :) I like them, but they are way too sweet for me to eat too many at a time. They are definitely good - I need to get me at least a few before they are gone this season! :)

    Without tv service, I miss commercials - I always did like the Cadbury Bunny commercials, too - guess I should youtube them. :)

  2. I prefer the ginormous Reeses Egg. Something tells me you enjoy these also?