Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Spring!

Yesterday was the first day of spring. Here in Texas our first day of spring consisted of SNOW! Yes, snow. It hasn't seemed much like Texas this season. I think I've seen more snow this season then all the other times in my 30 years, put together.

I went to Gunter yesterday evening to visit with Keelie & the kids. It had snowed a bit before I left for Gunter and a bit on my way there, but nothing was accumulating so it wasn't a big deal. I got on Facebook while there and noticed all the snow accumulation in Decatur that my friends were talking about and thought it was crazy. I even talked to Courtney that evening and she mentioned the snow they had in Decatur and I told her nothing was on the ground in Gunter. Of course Keelie & I were pretty surprised when we looked out the window at 10:30 pm to see tons of snow on the ground and it was still coming down heavy. I guess alot can happen when you are busy catching up and don't look outside for 5 hours. Opted to spend the night on their couch instead of drive the 30 minutes back to Frisco in the dark, snowy night.

Livestock in the snow in Gunter.

The snow that accumulated on my car. I drove with the big mound from Gunter to Frisco.

My apt complex.

Outside my patio.

The stairs really got it too, but I thought they looked pretty!

It was everywhere. The cement around my door and stairs was icy as well.

Jax inspected the snow from his perch on the recliner.

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