Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fishy Lunch

We have a pond/lake behind our building at work. It's a pretty, serene area with a fountain, willow trees, walking path around it, and is full of fish. The week before last Deborah & I noticed someone feeding the fish bread during our lunch break. We thought this was a great idea, so we both brought our old bread to feed them as well. I'm not sure how healthy it is to feed bread to fish but they LOVE it! As you can tell, they all gather around and actually fight over the pieces. We quickly figured out the sly gray fish are the fastest at grabbing the bread. The big fish and turtle don't get to enjoy it as much because they are way too slow. We found it hilarious when the fish would jump out of the water and splash us! The two days we fed the fish were SO relaxing, even in the 100 degree weather. It was a great way to de-stress on our lunch break. Too bad we had to return to the sea of cubicles when our hour was up!

Splish splash!

Jumping to grab the bread!

Mouth wide open!

Big & slow = no bread!

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  1. LOLOLOLOLOL it is fun! Doesnt take much to entertain us...LOL Did you notice though you didnt sweat like you used to?