Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hey, It's Ok!

A friend of mine sent me a page torn out of a magazine with the following note "Kristi, So, I totally saw this in Glamour magazine - Dec 2010 and immediately thought of U! I guess no more jokes about your holiday Christmas cards. I mean if Glamour approves, so should I right..........shouldn't I?!?!"

The page titled "Hey, it's ok!" reads:

1. To wear your shades even when it's cloudy outside. A little chic privacy, please.
2. To spike the eggnog.
3. If your spin on the whole 2010 menswear thing involves raiding his closet and possibly not returning stuff.
4. To eat snow, pollution be damned.
5. To send out a holiday card with a picture of your supercute, smiling, Absolutely you can be that girl. Own it.
6. To love Frito pie. Chili served on a bed of Fritos and covered with cheese, Texas-elementary-school-cafeteria style? It is OK.

So yes, I AM THAT girl. I'm a single girl that sends out Christmas cards pics of herself and her cats. Crazy cat lady much?! And you know what, I love it. The crazier, funnier, the better! I know people think I've lost it sometimes, like said friend about, but hey, my kitties are the family I have right now! ;-) So here's to Glamour making it okay! lol!

Oh, and I love the rest of the things on the list too. Bring on the Frito pie!!!

And of course a sample of said pictures!

And yes, the card always reads "Merry Christmas! Love, Kristi, Sylvester, & Jax" ;-)
Thanks Brinda! Love you!

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  1. I for one always look forward to your pictures with your babies! I've kept them all since you started sending them - it's like a collage of your babies growing up!! :)