Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Nap Time For Adults?

I enjoy naps...sleep in general really. I like to sleep late, nap on the weekends, and be lazy. I don't sleep at work though. I'm an adult, I pay my bills, live on my own, and hold down a job. Adults don't get nap time. It's a shame really. We're tired too. We do get two 15 min. breaks each day at work. People use this time to call their loves ones, get a snack, take a smoke break, whatever. I don't always use my 15 min. breaks, but when I do I enjoy going to the tucked aways couches at the end of a hallway and sitting there with my eyes closed for a quick catnap. I don't really fall asleep; sometimes I get really close, but don't actually do it. UNTIL TODAY. Today I woke up late with a bad headache and stomach ache. I got ready in a hurry. The day was really gloomy, the systems we work with were being temperamental, and I was bored. Around 3 pm I decided I'd visit the couches to re-energizer. I set the alarm on my cell for 15 min., like usual, wrapped up in my jacket, and closed my eyes. The next thing I know I awake 30 min. later in a PANIC. It was dark (the couches are by a window and there was no sun today) and I was out of it. I couldn't believe I had actually fallen asleep for 30 min AT WORK. My heart was racing! Who does that?! To top it off I sleep with my mouth open. I can't control this. It just happens. There is no telling who walked by and saw me. About 5 seconds after I came to someone from my dept walked by and asked if I was feeling okay. I blew it off and said I didn't feel great and came to sit down for a minute. If they only knew! Needless to say I'm definitely not in the running for employee of the month. If we only had designated nap times.


  1. i totally agree!!! we need our rest too. the world is so demanding of us and we get cranky and restless...therfore, naps are important.

  2. Kristi, you're F**ing hilarious! Of course you need a blog...the randomness has to go somewhere. (And you've always been an awesome writer)