Sunday, February 1, 2009

Burn Baby Burn!

So I'm an adult. 29 years old. I've been dressing myself and doing my own hair for years now. Never had many technical difficulities. Thursday morning I decided to do my hair for work. No, this does not happen everyday. There are days when ponytails and headbands are my very best friend. But I got up somewhere close to on-time and thought I'd wash and blow-dry my hair. I was using my big round brush just blow-drying away when I started smelling burning hair. I thought this was very strange as this normally doesn't happen. I stop the dryer and pull the brush from my hair when the burned portion at left came out with the brush. I was mortified. Freaking out. Who burns their blasted hair when they blow-dry it? Really? I guess I wasn't paying enough attention, although it's never been something I really had to concentrate on. I mean I know that hair dryers burn but I haven't had an issues with this in the past. I was reminded of the time my sister burned the living room carpet with a blow-dryer when we were growing up. We quickly learned that dryers can do damage. I guess I just had to be reminded on Thursday.


  1. Oh my gosh!!That is horrible. I did not know that could happen.

  2. wow, you are special. lol. hope you had a great weekend!!