Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mardi Gras 2009

Yesterday was Fat Tuesday. Leah and I decided that seafood was a MUST. We felt it was a sin to do anything but celebrate Mardi Gras. Pappadeaux's was WAY too crowded. I guess everyone thought celebrating was a good idea. So we headed across the street to Fish City Grill. We were seated at the closest table to the band. They were very energetic and pretty good. I'm pretty sure I'm a little deaf today though. We ordered our fishy entrees and were given beads (didn't even have to do anything inappropriate for them), glow sticks, and awesome green glitter masks (as pictured)! We had glitter all over our faces and in our hair. I kept finding glitter on me and my belongings all day today. Mardi Gras just kind of stays with you. It was a fun night! I've always thought it would be cool to be in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. Not sure I'll ever go, but who knows what the future holds! ;-)

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  1. New Orleans on Mardi Gras--you actually have to "work" to get your beads there...