Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I Hate

"I hate my job, I hate my life, and if it weren't for my two kids, I'd hate my ex-wife..." ~King George

Okay, so hate is a strong least that's what my Mom has always said. So I guess I shouldn't hate everything today, but I do STRONGLY dislike some things. This week has been pretty crappy so far and of course that makes me irritated with everything. Lucky you, I'm going to vent & share. (These are in no particular order...just the random irritations that pop into my head as I type this.

1.) Work...who needs it? It's sooooo over-rated. Every morning I get up and consider calling in sick. Sad, huh? It's hellacious!

2.) Training a new employee to do a job that I despise. I really want to tell him to "RUN, LEAVE, IT'LL BE MISERABLE, GO WORK FAST FOOD!"...but I don't. I smile, tell him what to do, and sit there and watch him all day, while quietly going out of my mind.

3.) My best bud losing his job yesterday and leaving me there. I'm sad. E.O.S.

4.) The fact that I can't eat whatever I want and be a size 2.

5.) Sylvester just threw up two hairballs on the carpet and I don't want to clean them up. So I sit on the couch and stare at them.

6.) The Frisco ISD job application is 9 pages long and the most in-depth application I've EVER filled out.

7.) That I just turned my air-conditioner on because I'm hot and it stinks. I guess I need a new filter thingy.

8.) That it's only Wednesday and I still have two more days of work. Is that a sore throat I feel coming on?! :-P

9.) That Tatyana just made it further on American Idol. She might be the most annoying person ever.

10.) The commercials on TV are WAY too loud.

11.) That I'll be 30 in about 7 months. :-(

Okay...I should probably go to bed and wake up on a different side tomorrow.


  1. Here, let me help you...

    11 Reasons to Love Life (today)
    1. You have a job and are not reliant on welfare or living in a box.
    2.That you are a kind, kind person who helps people.
    3.That you had the opportunity to meet your best bud and develop a friendship before he had to leave.
    4.The fact that you are working hard and may never be a size 2 but you are getting healthier everyday you stick to your plan.
    5.Hairballs are pretty gross so I don't really no what to say about that one...
    6.Once you get the Frisco app done, all the others will be a piece of cake.
    7.You have AC period (and see #1)
    8.It's Thursday and you only have one more day of work:)
    9.We are entertained by annoying people on TV so as long as T is on AI, it should be interesting to watch...AND there were several REALLY annoying contestants who didn't make it through. Thanks, judges
    10.turn your tv down
    11.That you have been given the gift of nearly 30 years of life, an absolutely wonderful family and friends who love you to pieces and a stupid cat who coughs up hairballs but is still your baby and you have the unconditional love of a Savior with whom you will spend eternity.
    Just face it--life is pretty good (today).
    Love you.
    Oh,what is EOS?

  2. HaHa... goofy K-Dawg. Keelie, E.O.S. is compliments of her best buddy.. stands for "End Of Story."

    And Keelie is right, Lou. Life is good. Your mom is right too... you shouldn't hate... unless its lima beans or cats. :o)