Sunday, March 8, 2009

50 and still a doll

Barbie was my first love. Some of my earliest memories are of Barbie. I remember going to visit my Mammaw in Azle and I could NOT wait until my older cousin Tara showed up with her trash bag FULL of Barbie paraphernalia. She had EVERYTHING. There were clothes, clothes, and more clothes. She had a trillion Barbies we could all play with. She had the hugely awesome Barbie van. That was the ultimate in Barbie. I remember she & I shutting ourselves in the back room and I sat on top of the van while she pushed me from one wall to the other, banging into the walls and doors. It was fun until Mammaw found us out and we were instructed to stop. lol! I had the Barbie mansion, pool, corvette, horse, dog, paper dolls, Barbie's kid sister Skipper, all Barbie's was awesome. One of my ultimate faves was Barbie and the Rockers, as shown here. She was just the epitome of cool. She had the curly hair I wanted. My friend Keelie & I always played with Barbies growing up. Our moms would collaborate each year and make sure we bought each other the same Barbie for Christmas so no one would get upset if they thought the other had the better Barbie! hehe! As I looked at my parent's AARP Bulletin (insert laugh here) I noticed Barbie was 50 this year. I thought it was important to pay homage to a classic. The article listed many Barbie fun facts. To check them out visit this site.


  1. Excue me, but were you just bragging about how muchcool barbie stuff you had? I did not have that much...Oh my gosh! YES--the VAN was AAAAAWESOME!!! I kind of wish I coudl play with it right now. Barbie and the Rocker was the best. I don't know if you remember but I had the Barbie hottub that had a little pump you cuold push to make bubbles. Pure magic! I hope Glory loves Barbie as much as we did!

    You might be a white trash kid if:
    You carry your Barbies and accessories around in a trash bag...
    Thank goodness I had the Barbie wardrobe tote.

  2. excuse the spelling errors--ART teacher