Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Day

Warning: I am long-winded so beware! :-P

Today was a very busy day for me. I got up at 7:30, which is amazing for me considering it's Saturday. I headed to the Marriott at The Shops at Legacy to help set-up for The Hope's Door Gala. I was actually the second person to arrive. I was pretty impressed with myself! lol! All of us volunteers helped set out items for the silent auction and then I had the job of making bows. I volunteered, and I was even able to make them without my bow-maker! Hehe!

UT auction item with a bow I crafted

After 4 hours setting stuff up for the gala I left the hotel and changed the oil in my car and rotated my tires. I AM WOMAN...HEAR ME ROAR! :-) Okay, so technically I just drove my car to Kwik Kar and Discount Tire, but still, I did not need a man to do this for me! I felt all empowered that I went and did this stuff for myself, and in record time. It's the little things. However my trip to Kwik Kar added to the dumb, embarrassing moments that seem to frequent my life. When I arrived at Kwik Kar the waiting room was pretty full and I don't like squeezing in right next to strangers. I decided I would sit in the massage chair, since no one was using it. Yes, I said massage chair. No clue, but they had one. So I sat down, it was super comfy, I pull out my book and start to read. After a few minutes this annoying alarm/horn noise started going off. I could not believe how loud and annoying it was. I wondered why the guys didn't just turn it off from whichever car it was coming from. It just got louder and louder. I thought it was rather annoying but figured I'd just try to ignore it. I happened to look up and there was a guy from the garage staring in my direction. I looked away trying to ignore his stares, but he didn't stop. Then the man I had talked to about my oil change came in and pointed at me. I assumed the horn/alarm noise was coming from my car and they couldn't turn it off. What I thought I was going to do, I have no clue. So I motioned to him as if to say "It's my car?" and then he relayed to me that the noise was coming from the chair I was sitting in. You have to put a quarter in it or apparently it makes that noise. I was so embarrassed. The men (yes all men) in the waiting room were just kind of glancing at me as if to say "dumbo". Yes, I do dumb, embarrassing stuff.

This evening I volunteered at the actual gala for Hope's Door, (a full-service shelter and counseling center for families affected by domestic violence). The theme this year was Mardi Gras. It's a formal event so I got to pull out a bridesmaid dress and re-wear it. This was exciting as it doesn't happen that often, and I spend good money on these things! So I got all dressed up and headed to the gala. My job for the evening was a "vanna". Yes, a Vanna White. Another girl and myself were responsible for wearing pearls that would be auctioned off during the live auction. It was our job to go from table to table and make sure people knew they would be auctioned off, and then we were to model them during the auction. Again, to add to the list of dumb, embarrassing stuff I do, another instance happened at the auction. I, along with others, assumed the auctioneer would be going in the order of the insert in the program, so when the second item was up and he announced pearls I assumed it was the ones I was wearing (our pearls were from different jewelers, made different places, yada, yada). So I head out onto the dance floor to model my pearls, but after about a minute the person in charge of volunteers appears to escort me off and tell me he isn't describing my pearls. Awesome! So embarrassing! lol! She understood because the auctioneer didn't go in order, but I felt so dumb. Oh well! Thankfully I don't know any of these people!

The night was a success and super fun. Money was raised, food was eaten, pictures were taken, and booties were shaken. I don't think I've ever had so much fun with people I don't really know. Normally that would NOT be something I'd enjoy. Maybe I'm growing as a person! Hahaha! Oh, and why is it that it's only old men that pay me any attention and like to kiss me on the cheek?!?! Is it something that I'm putting out there? This one guy complimented me on how I looked twice, drug me onto the dance floor, and at the end of the song kissed me on the cheek. Granted he was pretty drunk (free alcohol all night), but still! Oh well, whutcha gonna do?!


  1. Changed your oil, rotated your tires, continue to ignore the crack in the windshield, am I correct? Is it bigger now with all the weather changes? Am I gonna hafta do it for you or somethin? Fine! $10 and its done, out of the goodness of my heart. :o) HaHa.. glad the gala thingy majiggy went so well. Peace out homie!

  2. Hi Kristi! I love this! You are an amazing and beautiful woman!

  3. This was Hilarious!!! Thanks for blogging. Now I feel like I know what you are always up to.
    Oh, and I think sugar daddies get bad wrap--just go with it...

  4. Enjoyed it....and you model those pearls so well!