Saturday, June 27, 2009

Father's Day

I'm a little behind on my blogging. I spent last weekend in Decatur and celebrated Father's Day with my Dad & Papa on Sunday. We took lunch out to my grandparents house and enjoyed an afternoon of visiting. I love my Dad & Papa. They are both amazing men who have provided great examples of what a man is supposed to be. They are both hard workers who always provided for their families.

My Grandma & Papa live about 20 miles north of Mom & Dad, out in the country. It was always fun going to their house growing up. We would go fishing (as pictured above in a 1992 photo of Daddy, Me, Papa, & Courtney), we would play with the dogs, play with my grandmother's make-up and jewelry, go with my grandparents as they tended to their huge garden, ride along as my Papa tended to cattle, etc. It was unlike our life at home so it was always an adventure. My Papa was always up before the sun and would spend the entire day outside on the tractor, in the cattle pens, in the garden, and never complained. I was actually a little scared of my Papa when I was young. He was this big farmer/rancher who always wore striped overalls and had the sternest, gruff voice. I knew my sister and I better act right when we were around him. He must have mellowed as the years went by, or I just got older, because I wasn't scared of him anymore. lol! In later years his health has started to deteriorate and he no longer tends to the farm. He & my grandmother are home bound. I enjoy going to see them though. My Papa usually tells, us as we are about to leave, that we've made his day. :-) I've also heard him say in later years that he & my Grandma are just "worn out". That makes me sad. I cherish the time I have left with them. My Papa has been a great example of a Christan man. I love him.

My Dad is also a wonderful example of a great Christian man. My Dad was a Highway Patrolman up until retiring a little over 7 years ago. I was always so proud of him and what he did. It was also a scary job. While I was very proud of what he did and what he stood for, I hated his job and feared for his safety. I breathed a sigh of relief when he retired. As my mom would remind me on the nights I got up and was upset that he wasn't home "God is taking care of him and Daddy is being safe." He always returned to us safe and sound. Bless God. Daddy is a HUGE fan of Texas Longhorns athletics. DO NOT get in the way of the TV during a game. These events are life and death situations. lol! He also enjoys farm equipment and cattle and spends a lot of time looking at it online and watching it on TV. Courtney & I showed sheep and dairy heifers during middle school/high school. But all we did was show them. My dad is the one who took care of all that stuff. :-) My Dad had a heart attack in 2001 which was pretty scary. It was mild but still left him out of commission for a while. He had another health scare nearly two weeks ago when his blood pressure/heart rate got dangerously low right before shoulder surgery and they canceled the surgery. It was pretty scary but he's doing well now and they think it was an interaction of his meds and the anesthesia. I've always thought of my Dad as a big, strong man but times like these are pretty scary. I love him for the terrific father he has always been for me.

Happy Father's Day to these two wonderful men I have in my life.

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  1. OMG! That picture of you and Court with the fish is CLASSIC. Your faces are worth a million words...
    I always thought your dad had a cool job but I thought it was scarry too. I remember one time I was at your house and his car had something red on it and I just knew it was blood. Then a few nights later I had a nightmare about it and I remember our mothers whispering that the nightmare must be b/c I was abotu to start Kindergarten and I remember thinking "no its not, it cause I saw blood on Charles' car."
    Anyway, great post!