Friday, June 12, 2009

Trigger Finger?‏

No, this post has nothing to do with a gun. I apparently have a medical condition called Trigger Finger. Nice, huh? This condition is fully explained on the Web MD website but apparently it's an inflammation of tissue inside your finger or thumb, thumb in my case. The tendons in your finger or thumb become swollen. The first sign of trigger finger is pain where the finger or thumb joins the palm, which is what I have. If the area becomes more inflamed the finger may start to catch and lock when you try to straighten it. Often times the cause is unknown.

My visit to an orthopedic surgeon this morning informed me of my condition. For about a year I have had random pain in my hand and arm. I had mentioned it to the chiropractor and had adjustments, which helped the pain. This pain was off and on but most recently my thumb had started to hurt all the time. I decided it was time to see the doctor about it and was referred to the surgeon by my regular doc. Apparently my arm/hand pain has nothing to do with my thumb pain and the x-rays showed the bones looked good and there is no sign of arthritis. That's good. Why did I have that previous arm/hand pain? No clue. She said to watch it to see if it got worse but she did not know what this was. When a doctor says that you kinda feel a bit looney. But oh well.

I received a cortisone shot for my Trigger Finger. I'm not sure if you've ever had one of these but they HURT. They don't numb the area. It's just a jab into the affected area and then stinging and pain! Awesome! After I winced, gasped, and displayed the general pain I was feeling from the shot the doctor said "I know it hurts. I've never had one myself but all my patients have the same reaction as you." Um, I feel that doctors who provide these shots should have them themselves at least once. Just saying. So anyway, my thumb is super numb, yet hurts much more than it did before, especially when typing! Great! The cortisone shot should work in a week or two and then I have a check up appointment in a month. Hopefully this shot was a one time deal and I will be HEALED. I'll keep you updated! :-)

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  1. Kristi! I am so sorry. Why do these random ailments always find their way to you???!! I hope it will start feeling better very soon. I was wondering if there is something wrong with your dad? I read something on FB maybe that seemed to indicate something had been wrong. Sorry I missed your call last week. We are back home for good now so give me a call.