Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day, Mom & Grandma!!!

April 2010

I love my Mom more than words can express. She is more than a Mom to me, she's my friend. She is an amazing example of what a Christian woman is supposed to be. She's a fighter, SURVIVOR, strong, loving, smart, a terrific daughter and friend. She's a hard worker and has been an educator for more than 30 years. Mom is fighting cancer for the third time and she has a wonderful, positive attitude. She KNOWS God is going to bring her through this once again. I pray to God to give me her strength. Her situations don't bring her down and define her. Mom is an example to so many that fight the same fight as she is. When someone in town is diagnosed with cancer they contact mom for advice and support and she joins the fight with them.

I love my Mom. This Mother's Day was a great time to spend with her and show her what she means to me and our family. It was a wonderful time spent with all of them.

Courtney & I joined Grandma at her retirement home yesterday morning for a continental breakfast. We brought her roses and a balloons to which she exclaimed "how sweet!". We took Grandma to church at the home and then we headed back to Mom & Dad's to help prepare lunch. Right before noon we arrived back at the home to pick Grandma up for lunch. She didn't remember we were coming so we found her in the dining room and got to her before she sat down and started eating. I think she enjoyed the visit to Mom & Dad's, even though she doesn't say much. After being away a few hours she exclaimed "I'm ready to go. I need someone to take me home.". This was music to our years. She was calling the retirement home HOME!!! It has not been an easy transition for her since my Grandfather passed away and she resisted the change a lot. Thank you God that she is adjusting.

Mother's Day spent with both Mom & Grandma was fantastic. I couldn't ask for two more beautiful, strong, and courageous women to be related to. Thank you God.

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