Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Birthdays Galore

August & September have been very busy birthday months for my friends & family. I've headed off to one party or another nearly every weekend, sometimes celebrating during the week as well.

Emma turned 5 on August 11th. She celebrated her party at Pump It Up on Saturday, August 14th.

We celebrated Leigh Ann's 32nd on Saturday, August 14th as well, with a party at her house. That was a busy day! On LA's actual birthday, August 17th, we helped her celebrate with Mexican food at Uncle Julios!

Deborah turned 39 (again) on August 27th. I decorated her cubicle at work and we headed to Down Under Pub & Grub for lunch so she could enjoy her favorite fried mushrooms and chicken dish. She received these beautiful roses from her daughter & family.

Jonah turned 5 on September 2nd. We celebrated with a family birthday at Lake Ray Robert's on August 28th, since his family was camping there for the weekend. Jonah and his cousins really enjoyed splashing in the water.

Court turned 28 on Friday, September 3rd. How is my little sister now 28?! Yes, I feel old! We celebrated with Texas Roadhouse that evening and lots of cake & ice cream throughout the Labor Day weekend.

James turned 1 on September 15th! It seems like he was just born a few days ago. Where has the year gone?! I traveled to Houston for his party on September 11th. It was so much fun to see how he much he's grown. He's not a baby anymore. Wow.

Sara turned 34 on September 5th, but we celebrated with a Chuy's lunch on September 14th. A little late, but SO much fun! The dance party in the car was the best!

And finally, Glory turns 2 this Saturday, September 25th. We celebrated her birthday last Saturday, September 18th, with brownie sundaes, gifts, and a pinata.
Whew! That was a lot of dates and locations, but tons of fun celebrating with everyone! I wouldn't have missed it! :-)

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  1. "How is my little sister now 28?! Yes, I feel old!"
    I hear you on this one. Growing up stinks!