Monday, December 27, 2010

Away In A Manger

On Friday, December 10th Joy, Leigh Ann, & I attended The Christmas Journey at First Baptist Church McKinney. According to the church's website, " “Christmas Journey” is a fully dramatized production utilizing professional sets for a 16-scene living pageant. The entire drama can be seen from your car. Volunteers will provide each car with a CD narrating each scene. As you travel through the biblical scenes, you will have a multi-sensory experience of the biblical accounts of Jesus Christ’s life. Participants will find themselves driving through a biblical street market or into the field where the shepherds heard the good news. With live animals and kid-friendly scenes, this event is geared toward the entire family." In a word, AMAZING!

I honestly didn't expect too much when we decided to attend The Christmas Journey, which I assumed was just a drive-through nativity. I was very excited to go, but just assumed it would be a small scale production that would take a few minutes to drive though. It was SO much more. The Christmas Journey was a performance of Jesus' birth in a manager through His resurrection from the grave. We were blown away. It was incredible. We even got to keep the narration CD at the end of it all! We waiting in line before entering the church lot for about 20 min and it took about 45 min to drive through it. Well worth the time spent!

It was so weird to be driving along and have Roman soldiers walking right beside the car.

According to the FBC website, more than 600 volunteers put this performance together. More than 7,000 man-hours are spent on this project, which began in June! We all agreed it was definitely worth the time spent.

The scenes were so authentic. They used real babies & children, as well as the live animals. It was great!

Check out Satan to the far left of the photo!

Up from the grave He arose!

I highly recommend this event to everyone next year. They only do it one weekend, 3 days, in December so make plans early to attend. You will not be disappointed!

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