Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Day 'O Fun!

Yes, I'm behind and still posting about Christmas! Had to share though! ;-)

Saturday, December 11th was the first annual Jonah, Glory, & Kristi's Christmas Day O' Fun!

I had told Keelie that I wanted to spend some time with the kiddos and do some Christmas activities. I suggested that Keelie & Justin drop the kids off at my apartment and head out to do some shopping while we enjoyed our Christmas Day. Jonah & I always talk about my kitties in-depth so I knew he'd enjoy being at my apartment so he could see them. The kiddos were dropped off around 10, Justin & Keelie slyly snuck out as the kids and I looked for Sylvester in my closet, and then we got started on making sugar cookies. I tried so hard to be completely prepared so that there would be no bumps in the road, but really, how can you ever be completely prepared with a 2 & 5 year old. ;-) I didn't expect the kids to want to eat the raw dough more than they wanted to cut out the fun shapes. I had to keep reigning them back in to the topic at hand. I knew it'd be a fun/interesting day when both children had massive dough balls in their mouths. Big Aunt Kristi fail! lol. We finally got the pitiful cookies cut out and cooked. And I do mean pitiful. I rolled the dough out way to thin so after they cooked they looked like hard, golden, blobs. Yeah, they didn't keep their shape even a little. I really don't think the kids cared though. It was time to decorate! I moved all the icing and sprinkles to the table where the kids were and headed back to the kitchen to bring over the cookies. It never crossed my mind that I shouldn't leave them alone with the sprinkles. In the minute I was away Glory had managed to pour some all over the table. Awesome! Even after that I didn't think about not letting Glory hold her own sprinkle container. Her cookies were covered head to toe in sprinkles! After decorating cookies, and eating LOTS of icing, and I do mean A LOT, we headed to McDonald's for some real food. Okay, maybe not real food, but Happy Meals, which we picked up and brought back to my apartment. Did you know that it's not super smart to let kids leave their food out, along with ketchup, all afternoon so they can graze? There were nuggets and ketchup everywhere. Every time I picked Glory up she was covered in the stuff. And then there was the time she took her nugget and rubbed it on the tv and then ate it. Yum! LOL!

Rolling out dough and cutting cookies!

Yummy dough! lol!

Hawaiian dough eating reindeer!

Chillin' in their Christmas shades!

Must work out!

I loved when Jonah asked excitedly "KRISTI! Do you do this every day?!" Ha!

Decorating cookies!

Love this face!
After cookies & McDonald's we worked on some art projects. Jonah & I made a hand print wreath with his picture on it, and Glory got one too, minus the hand prints since she was opposed to me tracing her hands. We also worked on some foam sticker projects. The kids enjoyed peeling the stickers and putting them on the foam background. Glory liked putting the stickers in her mouth. Wild child!

I gave the kids their Christmas ornaments & presents during the afternoon. I think they enjoyed their pillow pets, as they used them right away. At some point we had 'Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas' movie playing and started 'Elf'. Wow, I'm tired just thinking about all we did! :-) It was a very fun day! Keelie & Justin got most of their shopping done too and suggested we do this every year! ;-) I guess we can...if they twist my arm! Hahaha! I just LOVE these kiddos and enjoy all my time spent with them! I can't wait for our 2nd Annual Christmas Day O' Fun. Although I might be a bit more prepared next time and get more sleep the night before. ;-)

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