Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Red Writing's TWOC - #6 Shopping

This week on Red Writing's Twelve Weeks of Christmas the topic is SHOPPING! I guess I'm a pretty typical girl in that I LOVE shopping...for others, as well as myself. ;-) Although I keep an eye out half the year for Christmas gifts for people, and have been known to buy something in July as a Christmas present, I typically make myself a list of people to buy for and present options come late October or early November. I ask my family and friends what's on their lists and go from there. Obviously I try to factor in a reasonable budget, but I'm not the best at that. I get all wrapped up in the shopping of the season and forget about how much I've spent. I try to be done with my shopping around two weeks before Christmas. Later than that and I just get annoyed at the mall or any other places I run to for presents. There are way too many people out and about during this time of year. Haha. But of course there are always a few gifts that I run to get closer to Christmas day and tell myself I'll do better the next year. ;-) I've bought one or two gifts already this year but the real shopping starts this Sunday. Keelie & I have a shopping date already set up. This will include lunch, shopping, and a movie to wind down from our busy shopping day. Then, the day after Thanksgiving, better known as BLACK FRIDAY, Rashahn & I will be hitting the stores and sales in the wee hours of the morning before I have to go to work at 9 that day. Trust me, I will only be half awake at work and will bet on not being productive, but it's SO worth it! There are a few people that I have no idea what to buy them, which makes shopping less fun and productive because I am having to go in blindly. Hopefully I'll come up with something suitable!

Happy Shopping!


  1. Hope you find lots of bargains!

  2. When in doubt...gift certificate them! :)

    Have fun...and girl, you are a trooper to go into work after shopping on black Friday. I would have called in sick. :)