Saturday, November 21, 2009

Red Writing's TWOC - #7 Accent Craft No. 2

This week on Red Writing's TWOC we are exploring accent crafts again. I have to admit that both times we've done accent crafts that I wasn't too thrilled about them...until I started searching for ideas. I just didn't know what I wanted to do or how to go about finding some ideas. Pretty much my lazy side was showing through. However, Better Homes and Gardens never lets me down. :-) This week I stumbled across TWO items that I am very interested in making. I'm not positive I'll get them both done, but I have high hopes.

This NOEL craft is made with papier-mache letters, which I KNOW I can purchase at Hobby Lobby. I also know that Hobby Lobby has some great scrapbook paper & paint that I can use to cover the letters. I feel like this craft will be pretty easy and will add some fun Christmas flair to my apartment.

I really fell in love with these floral packages when I saw them on the BHG website. They look elegant and don't seem that difficult to make. However I haven't attempted them yet so we shall see. The website says all you have to do is cover a block of florist's foam with button mums (I may branch out and try something different), stick a pearl-head pin through the center to secure the flowers to the foam (I may just hot glue, unless that will melt the foam?), and tie it with a ribbon. Simple enough, right? Let's just hope the materials don't break the bank.

I plan on sharing my finished products once they have been created. Stay tuned!


  1. oooh! I want to make both of these!! We need to have a craft day or night!

  2. i love the noel craft! i might have to get my craft on soon...

  3. beautiful - hope you get them done for xmas :D

  4. Love both of those...I saw those packages on BHG also and thought they were so cute.

    I have been scoting your blog. I am new over here and just have enjoyed reading about your birthday weekend. How sweet to have a wonderful weekend with friends and family.

    I am Beth from Georgia and hope you come and visit some.