Sunday, December 6, 2009

Red Writing's TWOC - #8 Christmas Wreaths

Okay, so I'm really behind on Red Writing's TWOC. The week of Thanksgiving we were supposed to have done our Christmas Wreaths. I'm going to blame my sinus infection, bronchitis, that pesky thing called work, and busy Thanksgiving week on not getting mine done. Okay, enough excuses. I FINALLY completed it yesterday. I actually took the Christmas wreath that I had made around 6 years ago, ripped everything off of it, and created a new wreath. The new one is a bit gaudy, but as Keelie told me, that's what Christmas is. :) I call it my HoHoHo wreath. You can see why. ;-)


new huge bow

positioned on the wreath

end result - didn't really take pics along the way like I intended ;P

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