Monday, December 14, 2009

Red Writing's TWOC - #10 Holiday Parties

One of my favorite things about Christmas are the parties. I look forward to them all year long! :-) One of my favorite parties that I attend yearly is Keelie's Annual Girlie Christmas Party. This year is the 6th annual party. Keelie invites close friends and family, who are girls of course. She always has a fantastic buffet of goodies for us when we arrive. We all bring 3-4 dozen cookies for dessert, as well as a cookie exchange at the end of the night. I love going home with goodies everyone has made. The party is always the Sunday before Christmas, which makes it THIS coming Sunday. Whoo hoo! Keelie added a few different elements last year. She told everyone to wear Christmas PJ's, as well as instructed everyone to bring an ornament. When everyone arrived at the party she told them to pin their ornaments to them and then told them not say a designated word. If you said it, you lost your ornament and the person that caught you got it. Sounds pretty fun to me. I actually missed the party last year, for the first time EVER. An attack of a killer stomach virus will do that to ya. But I'll be there this year and will have two years of partying built up. We also all bring a $15 gift for a Chinese gift exchange. This year Keelie told everyone to bring Christmas platters or cookie jars. I'm excited to see what all the ladies will bring. And of course we try to fit in a game or two. A big hit in years past has been Catch Phrase. Bunko and Mad Gab didn't go over as well. I look forward to this party and will definitely be posting pictures!

Mom, Court, & me at Girlie Party '07

2007 - Me & Keelie

all the treats

This week is a busy one for me party wise. Tomorrow I have my Bible Study Christmas Party. We are having a potluck and doing a $5 gift card exchange. This is a fun little group and I have really enjoyed getting to know these people better. I'm excited to have a fellowship night tomorrow. I'm also excited for the gift exchange. Those always get a little crazy.

Saturday evening I have another Christmas Party in Little Elm at the Martin's house. Their 4 year old Emma is hosting! Hehe! Beth told me they worked on the cookies for the party last night. Fun! We are going to snack and just hang out. It'll be a fun crowd. Emma is such a cutie-patootie.

Then of course we are partying all week at work as we do Secret Santa. Secret Santa is a tricky little game. It's a gamble really. You can be really excited or really disappointed. I won't even go into the catastrophe's of years past. Like the time in 5th grade that I got a painted, unfinished, ceramic Easter bunny. No, Christmas is not about the gifts, that's true. I fared pretty well today. I received water and Reese's pieces in a cute little stocking. We'll see how the rest of the week goes.

Merry Christmas! Party like a...Santa Claus?

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