Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Red Writing's TWOC - #11 Wrapping Paper

*Okay, so I'm behind. Red Writing's TWOC are over but I'm still two weeks behind. I may not finish on time but I am going to finish. :-)

my box of goodies

I enjoy wrapping packages. I always have. I'll admit I don't enjoy it as much now as I used to because nowadays I'm doing it super last minute. But I still like it. I buy a few new rolls of paper each year. I search around for just the perfect roll that screams at me "BUY ME"! Of course I never use an entire roll every year because I have so many to choose from so my wrapping collection is quite big. Then there are the sacks. I try very hard to not use sacks for presents that my family opens on Christmas morning. I usually succeed. I will use sacks for secret santa or a few odds and ends here or there, but there is just something about tearing into wrapping paper that shouts Christmas Morning! Let's not forget about the tissue paper. Last year, or the year before, I came across some red, white, and green tissue paper with glitter. Perfect! Although I have recently realized it's quite messy. I don't mind glitter but after wrapping up a gift last week I found it all over my couch. A little annoying, but still beautiful.
Last, but certainly not least are the bows. There are the traditional bows that come in sacks. You know, the ones that are various colors and you just peal the paper off and stick them on. Mom showed me a few years ago how to give these bows a little kick. She had seen someone at her school do it. You just cut the loops, except for the middle one, with scissors and it opens it up a bit and gives it a flower effect. Now every year I snazz up my bows like this.
I do try to make a few bows of my own out of ribbon. There is not always time for this but it is a nice added touch to any gift. Last year after a family get together there were a ton of handmade bows, that my aunt had made, about to be thrown away. I snatched these up and have already reused them this year. And what's even better, is when the people you exchange presents with leave without their homemade bows in hand. Then you get to use them again! :-) I'm in charge of the giveaway this week for the TWOC. This prize will consist of a bag of bows, various sacks, homemade bows, and gift tags that can be used for next year.
I actually didn't wrap this gift but thought it was a cute sack used at our secret santa exchange at work.

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