Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fall Girls' Weekend

Elizabeth, Vanessa, & Deborah came into town from Houston/San Antonio the weekend of October 22-24. I love weekends with my girls, who I don't get to see very often. It's a great chance to catch up, laugh until we cry, go down memory lane, and make some awesome new memories.

Bets, Deb, & Ness - tornado party in the bathroom

We spent part of Saturday afternoon in the bathroom due to the tornado sirens going off. We gathered up the cats in their crates and I made the girls stay in the bathroom for a couple of minutes as well. No tornado was going to get them on my watch! ;-) However, after few minutes it go quite toasty in there so we watched the weather from my room.

The crazy weather squashed my plans of taking them to the arboretum to check out all the pumpkins so we created our own pumpkin-picture-taking-spot in my apt! ;-)

We took quite a few pictures, and got a little silly as well. It's sad how long it took us to figure out how we could all be in this picture! We worked off quite a few calories laughing during that time.

Then we carved pumpkins and I made the girls watch my favorite Halloween move from childhood, The Worst Witch. I don't think it became one of their all time faves! ;)

They turned out quite nicely!

We had dinner at Babe's on Saturday evening and the girls told the waitress it was my birthday. I corrected them and told her it had been two weeks before, but I got the royal birthday treatment anyway. :-P

Sunday we hit up Josephine's Italian Bistro for lunch before the girls headed back home.

It was a very fun weekend and I can't wait until the next get together. I am SO thankful to have these girls in my life! Love them!

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