Friday, August 14, 2009

American Idols Live!

I really got into American Idol this year. This was only my second season to watch, but apparently I got addicted on a very good year with lots of talent. I really liked both the finalists, Adam & Kris, and would have been pleased no matter who won. Of course Kris won the competition this year and I even went to iTunes and bought one or two of his songs. When I was given the opportunity a few weeks ago to go to the American Idols Live! I jumped at the chance. Keelie & I got free tickets from a friend of a friend and we headed to the American Airlines Center to enjoy the concert. We had to go to Will Call to get the tickets, which I'd never done before. I was so afraid there would be some snafu and they wouldn't be there. Thankfully they were there and even better than we expected. We were in Platinum Club. Whoo and hoo. We had our own special entrance into the AAC, had our own special escalator up to the Platinum Club section, and had our own special concession stands. Needless to say Keelie & I felt VERY VIP. The seats were great; in-between the boxes. We had a good view of everything. The concert lasted about 3 hours and I was honestly sad when it was over. The idols performed in the order they had been voted off, starting with #10. They all did a great job performing. They were very comfortable on stage and with the audience, something that was not so natural for them when first on Idol. We thought they all sounded better than when they were on the show. I guess they have had a lot of practice and coaching, and of course you've got to feel more comfortable when you aren't being judged. :) I thought their appearances looked more rockstar worthy too. The guys were all sporting the faux-hawk. Megan resembled something similar to a Barbie doll when she first entered the stage in a bright pink mini dress and platinum blonde hair. The idols sang some songs together, which was fun to see. I especially liked the dueling pianos of Matt & Scott. Adam was definitely theatrical as usual. He had on the darkest green eyeshadow, but of course it was SO him. I loved Kris' smile. Makes you want to melt. He was great on the piano as well. I think a lot of these idols will make it big. They are definitely talented. I'll for sure buy some of their music. Thanks for letting Keelie & I have a great night with the idols and for letting us feel very VIP, Lindsay! :)

Contestants 5-10
Adam Lambert
Kris Allen
Top 10 Finale

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