Monday, August 31, 2009

And Kitty Makes 3‏

Yes folks, there are three of us now. Me, Sylvester, and our newest family member, Jax. Courtney & I met Dr. Robin at the vent clinic on Saturday evening and after seeing him I just KNEW I had to have him. He's so cute & spunky. He jumps around as if he doesn't always have control of his body. He also seems to have springs on the bottom of his feet. He is very curious, but how could he not be after living in a cage for over a week. He has freedom now! Dr. Robin hooked us up with some kitty food, bowls, toys, and a picture frame. We are set! After getting the crate out of my car, bashing my head into the metal blood and urine box on the outside of the door, and grabbing the kitten we were ready to head to mom & dad's. Jax cried the whole time he was in the crate. I guess he thought his freedom had already been taken away. We got home, set up his food and water and he was exploring the room we put him in. I don't think there was a corner untouched. It was a like a jungle to him. He enjoyed playing in the bookcases and once Grandmama raised the blinds he was having a grand old time, minus not realizing there was glass in the window and plowing into it. Takes after me. :) He was definitely not the most fun sleeping companion. He wanted to play. He LOVES toys. Sylvest doesn't care for them that much so this was funny to me. He loved them. He also loves my hair. I think he thought it was an actual rat's nest. He would walk on it, lay in it, start to chew on it and bite it. That was not tolerated and he got in trouble. He is a big biter. He likes to bite at your hands when you pet him. I immediately started punishing him. Those little razor teeth kinda hurt and no one is going to want to play with him if he bites. After jumping all over me, slamming into my face multiple times, and playing with all the toys he calmed down enough to let me rub him which finally put him to sleep. He needed to sleep right at my head though. I don't know if he needed to feel me breathe or what. He would snuggle all around my neck before finally finding a spot to park it. At one point he was sleeping on my neck. Of course since he only weights 2.4 lbs I didn't mind. I decided on the name Jax last night. I explored a bunch of other names but ended up not liking any of them. Jax just fits best with his spunky little personality. He cried most of the way home last night. My talking to him didn't calm him down either, it made him louder. lol. We got home and then it was time for the awaited introduction to Sylvest. I had to put the carrier down so I could unlock the door and Jax let out a cry. Dang. I knew that would draw Sylvest right to the door. Sure enough I open the door and his head pops out. I push him back, get in and get the door shut, and set the carrier down again and the first big hiss and growl from Sylvest comes out. I wouldn't have expected anything less. He does this a few times. I take the crate to the bathroom and park Jax in there so I could get two litter boxes and food ready. Jax would cry and Sylvest would hiss & growl. After a few minutes Sylvest just left. I thought "Oh great, did he go to pee on my furniture?!" I went into the living room and he was sitting on the arm of the couch staring in the direction of my bathroom. After a little while I picked Sylvest up and carried him to the carrier but that was just more hissing and growling. He left the bathroom and sat at the foot of my bed just watching Jax's crate. I finally got everything settled and let Jax out in the bathroom and shut the door. The rest of the evening and this morning Sylvest could be found sitting on the ground in front of my bed staring at the bathroom letting out the occasional hiss. I hope this is short lived and Sylvest wakes up tomorrow and thinks "I'm going to love that new kitty now!" Fingers crossed. I'll keep you updated!


  1. lol He looks like such a sweet kitty!!! Jax is a great name - I hope Sylvester doesn't take too long getting used to him. It's usually easier for a kitten to get used to a cat - but not so much for a cat (who's been so spoiled) to get used to a new kitten. Good luck and just be patient - their terms!! :) Aww, I want a kitty now...........but no. :)

  2. I can't wait to meet Mr. Jax! What a cute name. I think Sly will tolerate him. Look forward to hearing the updates--keep us posted.

  3. You sure you don't want a dog, too? I know where you can find one. HA