Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cat Contemplation‏

Sylvester & I are contemplating extending our family. We've had a family meeting but the jury is still out until I meet the new possible member this Saturday.

Dr. Robin stumbled upon an 8-10 week old kitten last Thursday at the sale barn in Decatur. No one was around to claim him so she brought him to the vet clinic so that he wouldn't be run over or eaten by another animal. He is in good health; just a few scrapes here and there, and his nails and pads of his feet are worn down like he has been trying to climb up something, possibly a tree. She asked on Saturday if I wanted a new kitten. She's asked a few times in the past when the opportunity arose and my answer has always been NO, however, this time I am actually contemplating it and leaning toward YES. Sylvester is 5 now and it would be nice if he had a playmate. Plus it's just plain fun to have a kitten! :) And look how CUTE he is!!! So why am I contemplating you ask? Sylvester. Sylvester is the drawback. Sylvest is a little punkeroo that is full of attitude. You just never know what you are going to get with him. Sometimes he is sweet and precious and other times you would swear he was the devil. Life has definitely been more interesting with him around. So do I want to add another kitten to the craziness? Will Sylvest hate the new addition? Will we all survive? We'll know after Saturday.


  1. Hey, see if you can find someone who wants a dog!!

  2. Aww good luck, the kitten is adorable!!!! :) May I suggest when you do introductions (of course if you decide to get the kitten), you may want to start out with the kitten in the bathroom, then spend time in the doorway every day so Sylvester and the kitten can see each other. You probably already know this, but with my situation with having to give away Angel due to cats not getting along, just be sure to introduce let them get to know each other on both kitty and Sylvester's terms. Kittens are so fun! :)

  3. So in other words, Sylvester is like 99.8% of all other cats? Who'da thunk it? You're nuts. Good thing I luv ya anyway.