Monday, September 14, 2009

Keeping The Kiddos

I kept Jonah & Glory on Saturday night while Keelie & Justin attended Aunt Alicia's birthday party. As usual Jonah and I had some interesting conversations. Right when I walked in Jonah told me that his mommy was going to teach his Sunday School class the next day and asked "Kristi, do you have church?" in an almost concerned little voice. Keelie had some left over icing from Alicia's birthday cake so she told Jonah we could put it on the chocolate graham crackers. From the picture below you can tell that not much of the icing made it onto the crackers. He had red icing all over his mouth, some on his hands, and on his nose. Jonah also liked pulling at my hair saying he was cutting it, and he enjoyed jumping on me and sliding down, which he did multiple times. I don't know what I ever did to make Jonah think I wanted to rough-house with him but every time I see him he's ready to hit at me and jump on me. Maybe I have that affect on people?! lol. Jonah enjoyed using my camera and taking 18 pictures of Glory, me, and the living room. I had to keep reminding him to not play so rough with Glory. He likes to pull and push on her. Glory took a bottle and was down for the count early on in the evening. Jonah would lay on the couch, rub his eyes, and I'd think he was for sure about to fall asleep and then he'd get another burst of energy. He was fighting sleeping BIG TIME. He asked when his mommy would be home. I guess he was tired of me, since he told me to go home twice. One time he said "Kristi, you've been here ALLLL day. When are you going home?" I told him that wasn't nice and asked him if he wanted me to go home because I was so mean to him. He cut his eyes at me and started laughing. Jonah & I ended up watching lots of cartoons until Justin got home to relieve me of my duties. I'll admit some of those cartoons were pretty good and we always learned an important lesson. Oh how I love these kiddos! :)

Jonah enjoying icing

one of the multiple times Jonah HAD to be in the basket with Glory

Love her expression! Photo by Jonah.


  1. Oh my gosh--you SO captured the GLory face! Sorry-sounds like you were tortured and verbally abused all night. Leave it to my Jonah. We really appreciate you sacrificing your night to keep the kiddos though--seriously!!

  2. Did he give you a BIG fat kiss with that frosting??