Sunday, September 27, 2009

Why God Why?

So I turn 30 in 2 weeks. 2 weeks from today to be exact. To be honest with you, I'm not at all excited about it. Don't get me wrong, I really love birthdays. The day gets to be all about you, everyone sends you birthday wishes, you get presents, you get to eat know, all that good stuff. I like that part. The part I do not care for is the getting older. I know, I know, age is just a number. But 30. :( I will not longer be in my twenties. It's sad times. My friends who have already turned 30 have informed me that they have no sympathy for me. Whatever! :P lol. Remember when you were a kid and 30 was SO old?!?! But apparently 40 is the new 30 now so I assume that makes 30 the new 20 so really I'm not getting older at all...right? I'm just going to warn you now that I'll probably do a lot more complaining in the next two weeks. Get ready. It's not going to be pretty. I'm going to turn 30 kicking & screaming...or at least whining on my blog.


  1. Right there with ya, sister. We r old.

  2. A little over 2 months left for I understand. :) Maybe you can tell me how bad it's not when my time comes? ;)

    Love ya!!

  3. love your blog design...and enjoyed your blog...I had just a few minutes to blog hop tonight....
    Hope you will stop by my Christmas blog. I have a great giveaway that I will draw for on
    Oct 1.