Tuesday, September 8, 2009


This past weekend Keelie and I headed to her parent's cabin near Broken Bow, OK. We spent a lot of time laboring this weekend, on crafts. That was the goal for the weekend; bring all your craft stuff and we'll get as much done as possible. My personal goal was to finish a scrapbook and make a wreath for Keelie's wreath party she is having on her Red Writing blog. I am happy to say that I was successful and even got around to starting on another scrapbook as well. Keelie was VERY successful. She made a purse as part of her wreath party giveaway, got a lot done on a mock scarf for the same giveaway, made a wreath for said giveaway, made a super cute chalkboard decoration with fall embellishments, made a fall swag-like decoration, made a christmas decoration, and made me a frame that I can give my friend as a gift. She is a master crafter.

Keelie & I had planned to leave her house at 8 am but decided to shoot for 9 since we were both still up at midnight the night before. Then as soon as we left her house and got to the next town we had to stop at Hobby Lobby right after they opened for those forgotten supplies. After spending time at Hobby Lobby we were on our way. We started crafting nearly immediately after arriving at the cabin. We were able to get in a few chick flicks while we crafted. Those included Never Been Kissed, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and Runaway Bride. We also watched a quite a bit of Food Network and I have become a bigger fan of it. We enjoyed some awesome fudge from a local shop, spinach dip and corn dip that we made, along with brownies. We ate out once at a local restaurant that was pretty good, minus the beer soaked veggies. Word to the wise, do not say that a dish comes with a side of mixed veggies when you really mean they are mixed in some strong beer. Not so great! A funny/frustrating event of the weekend was when Keelie lost her crocheting needle in the over-sized chair. It was frustrating that she no longer had her much needed needle and because we could NOT locate it. If was funny because we were moving this chair all over the place, titling it to one side or the other, laying on the floor looking for the blasted needle. It was NEVER found and Keelie's aunt & uncle picked her up another when they headed to Wal-Mart on Sunday. (They were staying in her parent's other cabin nearby.) One of my favs of the weekend was the drive home. Not because we were headed home but because we were sharing old stories and singing old country favs. We always have a lot to talk and reminisce about. I guess that happens when you've been friends over 28 years.

mock scarf in process

quiche for breakfast on Sunday morning; it was delivered to our front door by Keelie's uncle, talk about good service :)

yum spinach dip; think Olive Garden

the awesome purse, which I hope I win

table full of crafts
Check out more pictures from our weekend at Keelie's blog.


  1. how bout a "special" playlist to go along with this post??? Great times with a great friend. One of my favorite weekends EVER!

  2. Glad you had a great, profitable weekend!

  3. My favorite kind of weekend...friends, food, and crafts!!! Looks like ya'll had FUN!