Sunday, January 17, 2010

Making Ornaments

As you know from previous posts, I did a lot of crafting during the holidays. And yes, I'm still talking about Christmas! ;) One of my more time consuming crafts was making these ornaments. Part of Red Writing's TWOC were homemade gifts. I got the idea to make these ornaments from one of Hobby Lobby's weekly adds. They had these class ornaments on sale for 40% off. I didn't know how to make ornaments but thought I could figure it out and make some cute gifts for a few friends. I did some googling and got a few ideas on what to do.

One of the ideas online was to make marble looking ornaments by pouring different color paint down the insides of the ornaments and turning it ever so often so the paint would swirl/marble together. At the end you turn the ornament upside down and let the remaining paint drain out, which also helps in the marbling.
I also painted the outsides of some ornaments. I'm a fan of polka dots so the two I painted the outsides of were adorned with these.
After the paint was dry, I hot-glued the tops onto the ornaments and then piled on the ribbon with hot glue as well.
I also personalized the outsides of the ornaments with names and dates, as well as used a little scrapbook bling around the sides.
The ornaments that I painted on the outside were also painted with Modge Podge once dry to prevent the paint from chipping off.


  1. Those are so pretty! I am slowly trying to get caught up on blog reading...