Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Show & Tell

So back in October I blogged about how I would display my Christmas cards during the Christmas season. This was part of Red Writing's TWOC - Accent Crafts #1. As you can tell below, I did my own version of what Better Homes & Gardens did (theirs obviously was better) and really enjoyed displaying my cards this way. After all, Christmas cards are one of my favorite things of the season.

BH&G's cards display

This is how mine looked with all the ribbon up and two cards. I just used all the various ribbon I had in my Christmas gift wrapping box.

I attached most of the ribbon by tying it, others I taped onto the inside of my cabinet door.

End result. I actually ran out of room and had to tape cards to the side, top, & bottom of the door.

I like my cards so much that I think I'll leave them up until the end of January...or even February! ;-)

Just another close-up. Toward the end of the season you could barely see the ribbon.

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  1. That turned out SO good!!!! I wish I could have seen it in person!