Thursday, January 28, 2010


I love candy corn. I always have. Weird, I know. Growing up I was pretty excited when Halloween would roll around because I knew that meant candy corn. I don't really know why I love it, but I do. It's strange if ya think about it. It's just this oddly shaped, waxy candy. Why am I talking about candy corn you might ask? Well, the last two days at work I have been eating it. Our cafeteria sells candy and junk of that sort. One day I noticed that a friend of mine had bought the Deluxe Valentines Day Mix from downstairs and I thought it looked pretty interesting. It was a bright colored pink, red, and white mixture of candy inside the bag. I never buy the candy at work because it is ridiculously over-priced. $1.99 for a small bag of candy...I don't think so. The next day when I was downstairs buying lunch I saw the candy sitting by the register. It was peering at me. I resisted...for like half a second. Before you know it the cellophane bag of bright valentine colors had jumped into my arms and I was paying for it. That afternoon I opened up the bag and thought I'd try this assortment. I mean, hello, it was bound to be pretty tasty as it did have white, pink, and red candy corn in it. I thought I'd just eat a little and wrap it back up. Who was I kidding? This stuff was awesome. It was a mixture of chocolate Dutch mints, red raspberry hearts, milk chocolate hearts wrapped in bright red foil, raspberry jell hearts decorated in non-peril seeds, and cupid corn (aka candy corn). That bag of candy was gone in a flash. And so was the one I bought the next day. I know, I know. I have to stop. But it's awesome! I even googled candy corn. How crazy is that?! That's actually how I discovered the name of the delightful candy I was enjoying. It's a real mix. I thought it was just something work through together. Who knew?! lol. I was pretty intrigued with what Wikipedia had to say about candy corn. I had no idea it was created in the 1880's and that the three colors of the candy are used the mimic the appearance of North American corn. Very interesting. Plus nowadays it comes in different varieties depending on the holiday. Anyway, just thought I'd share. I highly recommend you check out the Deluxe Valentines Day Mix. I would not steer you wrong. ;-)

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  1. Very interesting! But did the pink, red, and white candy corn have a weird flavor such as cherry or rasberry? or did it just taste like regular candy corn?

    I am not a fan of the flavored candy corn.