Monday, April 20, 2009

Adventures in Babysitting

I kept Jonah (3 1/2 years) and Glory (nearly 7 months) on Saturday evening while Keelie & Justin went to a wedding out of town. I love these kiddos and cherish my time with them. There were many highlights in the seven hours I kept them. I thought I'd share them!

*After walking in the door to the house Jonah got a wicked little smile on his face, clapped his hands together, held them out, and said "PRESENT!" Yes, I have created a MONSTER. He knows I'll have a present for him every time I come over. He expects it now!

*Glory was so happy waking up from her nap. She smiled at me through the bars of her crib, like she was happy to see me. She also LOVED getting her diaper changed. She just smiles and laughs.

*Jonah woke up from his nap in tears. I nearly cried as I sat beside him trying to comfort him. There is nothing more sad than a small child crying and not being able to figure out what the problem is. Thankfully he fell back to sleep asap.

*Glory is about to crawl and she's all over the place. I had her on a blanket playing and before I knew it she'd roll or scoot off backwards. She just laughed a played. If I left her for a minute though there were tears! She LOVED chewing on her teething ring. At one point I laid on the blanket with her and she decided it would be fun to chew on my arm, hand, and fingers. Since she does already have some teeth this wasn't super comfortable. lol!

*I put Glory in her pack-n-play, told Jonah to not touch the stove, and I ran to the bathroom. Just as I was pulling my pants up Jonah busted into the bathroom saying "Kristi, you have to come pick her up!" I asked him if Glory was crying. He said "Yes, you have to come pick her up!" I thought that was pretty funny.

*Glory LOVES watching Jonah. Jonah would be sitting on the couch laughing at the TV and Glory would be laying in the floor just cracking up at Jonah. I thought this was so awesome. Even at 7 months old she dearly loves her big brother.

*I changed my FIRST dirty diaper and SURVIVED. I'm not sure Keelie knew I'd never changed a dirty diaper. Haha! She does now. I've never done much babysitting so I didn't have lots of diaper changing experience. I do now though. I changed three of Glory's diapers and two pull-ups for Jonah. I'm so good! lol!

*Glory spit up after I gave her a bottle. It was a stream of warm spit-up that shot right now my shirt. Fun times!

*I was trying to find something for Jonah to watch on TV. I was flipping the channels and saw Spongebob. I turned the TV to that channel. Then in the sweetest, most innocent, and concerned voice Jonah goes "Kristi! My mommy doesn't let me watch this!" Of course I felt horrible and told Jonah thank you for letting me know and hurriedly turned the channel. He then goes "My mommy doesn't let me watch it but my daddy does." I wanted to crack up! I thought that was GREATNESS!

*Jonah kept accidentally calling me mom. He would sometimes start to say it and then would catch himself. It was soooo cute!
Saturday was a lot of work but a lot of fun! I love these kids! I'd keep them anytime!


  1. Kristi, thanks for sharing the moments. I kind of thought you hadn't changed a dirty yet, but I really didn't care. You have cleaned up al ot of Sylvesters crap and puke, so that is close enough. Love the Sponge Bob story! I'd say that's about right...
    Thanks again for keeping them!! You did great.

  2. Those are the funniest comments ever. I hear you about the part about trying to go to the bathroom-sometimes William won't even let me have 20 seconds of "me time" to do this so I can only imagine what two kids would be like! Good job--Oh and yeah isn't it crazy that Claire is 18 now? I can't believe it myself...and yes she is so cute--her personality and likes and dislikes are so different from Whitney and me but at the same time we are all so close and alike and have fun together. Speaking of, the other day, I was reminiscing about our Six Flags Days. And the time Courtney missed the tram and your mom jumped off to stay with her. Haha. OK-this was the longest comment ever. (And I ate some chocolate and feel better now-what an easy fix! Thanks for your concern!)