Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dallas Blooms - part 1

It's not spring until you've visited the Dallas Arboretum during Dallas Blooms. I've been the last two weekends! I'm definitely feeling that spring has sprung! I LOVE the blooms, colors, smells. It's greatness!

My first trip was last weekend. I went with my friend Keelie, her husband Justin, and their kiddos, Jonah (3 1/2 yrs) and Glory (6 months). We wanted to get some spring/Easter shots of the kiddos, along with a few family shots. It's always an experience when I'm with Keelie and her crew. Sometimes it's down right crazy, but no matter what, it's memorable. Some of my favorites memories from last weekend came from Jonah. I LOVE that kid! He amazes me every time I'm around him. It still boggles my mind that he's no longer a baby. He's a real little human with thoughts and feelings. I love my conversations with him. He wasn't real friendly to me when I got in the car last Saturday. He was pretending to act shy. Keelie told him that he better talk to me because if I had something for him I probably wouldn't give it to him. I always have something for Jonah. I can't help it. He's not my child. I should be able to spoil him rotten, right?! I find it pretty funny. Even at the young age of 3 1/2 Jonah knows "Aunt" Kristi will have something for him. And of course I did last weekend. His response to me was "What is it?" I informed him that I wasn't sure I could give it to him because he wouldn't talk to him. At that point you could see the fear/sadness in his eyes and the little voice from the back seat say "I'll talk to you Kristi, I'll talk to you Kristi. What do you want me to say?" OH MY GOODNESS! Melt my heart. Justin leaned over to me in the front seat to say that I better have something for him or we'd have to stop somewhere! Haha! But Aunt Kristi comes through. I pulled out the souvenir golf ball from my recent vacation and handed it over.

Right before we arrived at Dallas Blooms we stopped at Dollar Tree so Keelie could craft together a bow for Glory. Hers had been left at home. I followed Jonah around the store as he "shopped". He picked up a baseball Easter basket, a package of plastic eggs, a water gun, and a Spiderman water blaster. As soon as Keelie said she had what she needed I told Jonah it was time to go and that he could get ONE thing. He said okay but then informed me that he needed the water gun and water blaster. I said okay, since it was only $1 a piece, and told him to put down the basket and eggs. He then informed me he would be needing that too. Of course I don't know how to say no and we left the store with all four items. The water blaster made it into the arboretum with us and we spent the entire time looking for water to fill it up with. Yes, hopefully one day I will learn to not create more problems when it comes to kiddos. But right now it's all trial and error.

It was a fun day and we ended up getting some really great photos, along with some really funny ones! I love the Ferguson's and my time spent with them. They are more than friends. They are family.

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  1. Thanks Kristi, We feel exactly the same way.