Sunday, April 26, 2009

Birthday Kitty

Sylvester is 5 years old today! It's hard to believe it! My life has definitely not been the same with him. I love the little furrball. Even when he drives me nutzo! He has many quirks, but I couldn't live without him.

10 Things to Love About Sylvest:

1.) He talks to me. Sometimes it's talking back, but we have our own unique way of communicating. Just try not turning the water on for him at the sink. He'll definitely let ya know he's not happy.

2.) The way he sleeps on his back with his paws in the air. He never did this until he saw his weenie dog cousin Lucky do it. Now it's the only way to sleep.

3.) The way he purrs and paws at me when he wants to me to pet him. If you do not pet him in a timely fashion he will pet himself on your hand or foot. lol!

4.) How crazy he is after his annual shave down. It's like he's just found new ways to move when all the air is gone.

5.) After being shaved this year he's much nicer and cuddlier. It's a little disturbing. He even sleeps with me now. He might not for much longer though since I've rolled on him and kicked him. All on accident. I don't realize he's there. It's cute how he passes out beside me though. Sometimes I freak out and have to make sure he's still breathing. Yes, I have become my father.

6.) The way he knows when visitors do no care for cats. They become his favorite people and he won't leave them alone. I think it's awesome.

7.) How he knows he gets to lick my empty cereal bowl and the empty tuna can. He's pretty impatient though and won't let me finish the food before he starts trying to get his turn.

8.) How he'll stick his paws in the bathtub water and then lick his paws to get the water. He'll do this over and over again.

9.) How he usually meets me at the door when I came home. Although as cute as this is it worries me that he'll get out so I always have to push him back with my foot or bags in my hand.

10.) The way he squats, shakes his booty, and then pounces on his toys.

I could go on and on. There's lots to the little kitty. As high maintenance as he is though, I don't know how I ever lived without him.

Happy 5th Sylvesto!


  1. I am laughin about "you have become your father." That is hilarious...
    Glad you have Sly!

  2. Aww! Too cute! Today is our dog, Penny's 7th birthday. She is a weenie dog and likes to sleep on her back too. I got her a present, some dog treats that she shared with our other 2. Pets are awesome!