Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Puck Stops Here

Thursday night I went to my first hockey game. I went with my friend Rashahn and her friend Laura to see the Dallas Stars Play at the American Airlines Center. I was excited to go. I'm not really into sports at all but Rashahn really likes hockey, and I could tell her friend did too, so I knew it was going to be a fun girls night. We arrived in time to watch the Stars do their warm-ups. It was pretty fun seeing them up close. Mike Modano is a cutie (see picture). We were taking lots of pictures of the cute hockey boys, and each other, when all of a sudden a puck flies through the air, over the glass, into the net, and somehow manages to escape the net through the space where the net and glass meet, and slams into my chin. Yes, hockey puck to the chin. It was NOT fun times. Not sure if any of you have ever been hit in the face by a professional hockey player's puck, but it HURTS. It hurts BAD. I tried my very, very hardest not to cry. I had tons of little kids staring at me so I was trying to put on a brave face. That didn't last for long though. When we headed to our actual seats the tears started to stream out. I just kept trying to wipe them away like it was no big deal, but I was in pain! The girls talked me into getting ice from the concession stand to put on my chin. Needless to say my fun was kind of over before it fully began. This kind of crap only happens to me! I mean, really?!?!?! I felt really bad. I was no fun at all. I took advil and by the 3rd period I started feeling semi better and was able to talk more, take some pictures, and have a little fun. The girls tried to get the EMTs to check me out on our way out of the AAC but I resisted. I was embarrassed, felt dumb, and just wanted to get home. I started hurting more on the way home. I had a bad headache that shot through my nose, and because I tensed up so much my neck was hurting. I called my parents on the way to my apartment and they freaked out. I mainly called to see if I should do anything else besides use ice and advil. They thought I should go to the ER. I told them it wasn't that bad, but then I did regret not letting the EMTs check me over. I made it home, felt better after eating something, took tylenol and headed to bed. Of course my dad called me bright and early the next morning, probably check to see if I was still alive! lol! After telling people at work what happened they freaked me out and convinced me to at least call my doc to see if I needed to come in. The nurse told me that since I didn't have any concussion symptoms I didn't have to come in and to just continue advil and ice as needed. I amazingly didn't have a bruise or swelling (although I was told otherwise, but think that is just my big face). I was just sore, which is very minimal now. As for now I think my hockey going has come to a halt. I may venture out to the rink again some day, but I probably won't attend warm-ups. Watch your faces people!


  1. nice title choice. Almost as good as the other one...

  2. Wow! I feel so bad for you-that calls for a miserable night but I like how you made the best of it!

  3. Wow! A hockey puck hit you! I don't even want to imagine the pain....