Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jo & Glo‏

swinging Glory

I kept Jonah & Glory during the day Saturday while Justin worked a double shift at the fire station and Keelie worked at The Mission. I love those kids. They are so much fun. Plus at the end of the day I get to give them back and go home alone. Hehe. But really, they are great. We had fun playing outside. Glory enjoyed her swing for a little while, although she had a cold and was a bit fussy after a bit and just wanted me to hold her and walk around. Jonah loved being outside, digging up worms, picking up rocks, and tree climbing. Tree climbing made me a bit nervous and after he got his foot stuck and I had to wiggle it out while holding Glory at the same time I told him tree climbing was over. He was pretty cute while up there though and exclaimed "I can see all of Gunter. I can see God!". I always have fun stories after spending the day with these little ones.

tree climbing

The original plan for Saturday was for me to take Jonah Halloween costume shopping, but after Justin had to stay at work I kept the kiddos until Keelie was done with The Mission work. Keelie had to borrow my car that morning because her battery was dead and after she ran home to drop my car back off and get a ride with Lindsey to head to another Mission appointment Jonah exclaimed "Now we're NEVER going to get to go get my costume!" It was hilarious. I told him that his mommy and Glory might go shopping with us and he told me he didn't want them to. Haha. While playing outside Glory was fussing some and Jonah said "Kristi...I don't think she likes you." I told him that made me sad and then he goes "Haha. I'm just kidding!". Such a stinker. Oh and speaking of stinker, I called Glory one as she crawl-sprinted out of the play room. Jonah said "Kristi, we don't call people stinker. That is calling someone a name and that is not nice." I let him know that he was right and I was sorry. He later told me people in preschool call other people stinker and poohead and we talked about how that was not nice and that he shouldn't do that. He said he didn't. lol. After Keelie returned home Jonah and I hopped in the car, he kept telling me to come on, and we headed to Sherman to check out costumes at Target. We talked the whole way there and back. Jonah sang a song about colors and pointed out everything that was the certain color he was singing out. Oh, and Jonah dressed himself for our trip. The dew-rag did come off before we got to Target. He asked if it would be okay in my car and I told him that it would because I would lock the doors. He then inquired about the windows to which I said they would be rolled up and locked as well. He then said "What if it grows legs and walks off?" I told him that I didn't think that would happen. Another interesting conversation that Jonah & I had on our outing was about babies. He said "Kristi, did you know Knox came out of Alicia's tummy? How do babies get in there?". I said "Well, when mommies & daddies are married they decide they want to have a baby and then the baby gets in there." Then of course Jonah asks "But how?". I then said "Well, God puts it in there" to which Jonah said "But how does he get his hands in there?". I told him "Well, you know that God can do anything, right Jonah?" and Jonah asked "Like Jesus?". I said "Yes, just like Jesus. So God gives the baby to the mommy." and Jonah just goes "Oh." Get ready Justin & Keelie!

ready to shop

Once in Target we scooped out the costumes. Jonah has to be a 'community helper' for school. In other words, not scary costumes or characters. We grabbed the two costumes that would fit the 'community helper' guideline, a doctor and a fireman. Jonah quickly decided on the fireman costume and then we were off to the toy aisle. We told him he could get a toy at Target after costume shopping. We were in the toy aisle FOREVER. I thought that kiddo would never decide on a toy he wanted. Of course he wanted everything that was expensive and I kept telling him "that's too much" so then he asked "is that too much?" on every item. After awhile I was really ready to go. We turned down a different toy aisle and I spotted a construction set for $10. I showed it to him and he exclaimed "That's what I want!" Yes! We were done. We headed to the check out counter with our purchases in hand. I threw in some gummy snacks for him to have on the ride home. As we were walking out he steered into the coffee shop and grabbed a milk he wanted and started to walk off. I told him we had to pay for it. lol. We got our milk and were good to go. I stopped at Chick-fil-A since I was starving and as the man asked me if that was all Jonah exclaimed "I want something!". I asked him what and he said chocolate milk, so I ordered that for him. After getting our purchases we headed home. As we were driving Jonah said "Kristi...are you sure you know what you are doing?" CRACK ME UP! I love this kid. We made it back to Gunter in one piece. It was a fun outing with Jonah. I'm so glad we both survived! :)

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