Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tutu Much Fun

So Rashahn & I, the super crafters that we are, got together last Friday (09/25) to make tutu's. Isn't that what everyone does on Friday nights? It's funny actually. I called Rashahn from Houston a few weeks before and told her I was about to go into Hobby Lobby to buy material to make a tutu for Glory's 1st birthday. Rashahn then told me that she'd already started working on one for her Tinkerbell costume to wear to work on Halloween. I thought it was a funny coincidence that we were working on the same project. We both had researched how to make a tutu online and watched an instructional video as well. So last Friday night arrived and we were set.

I arrived at Rashahn's with all my material cut and was ready to starting tying on the tulle. She had bought a little more tulle that day so she had to cut that. We learned from our online research that the easiest way to cut tulle for this project was to have it folded in half, like it probably was done by the person that cut it at the store, and then roll it up so that you are cutting all the material at once. It also makes it easier to cut straight. I cut my tulle in 3 inch sections and because I was making mine for a child, I then had to cut my strips at the fold so it wasn't too long.

Once all your material is cut you just start tying it on your ribbon or elastic in a loop fashion. Meaning you create a loop with the fabric at the middle and then loop the rest of the material through the loop so it ties onto the ribbon/elastic. I chose to make my tutu for Glory with bright ribbon that matched the tulle I used. Rashahn used elastic and it worked well too. I may use elastic next time and see which I like better. Now being the crazy, somewhat anal person that I am, I needed my tulle to be tied on perfectly. It needed to be super tight and pushed all the way to the end. As the night progressed this became less of a priority. My thumb hurt from pulling the tulle so tight, and my head and back hurt. Crafting comes at a price. Plus I was running out of that 5 yards of tulle pretty quickly so I started to tie it on less tight. It worked out great though.

I even added in a few random ribbons around the tutu for added cuteness. :) I'm not sure how long it actually took us between our cutting and tying. The video said the entire process would take about 45 minutes. Um, I'm gonna have to say 'yeah right' to that. My tutu would not have been too cute if the entire process took me 45 minutes. Oh, and the best part of the night? Once my tutu was complete we tried it on Rashahn's Boxer dog, Abby. I'm sad to say that we did not get any pictures. She freaked out and tried to get it off right away so there was not time to get footage of that. She was jumping and wiggling around. It was hilarious! I'm thinking she will not be getting a tutu made for her.

My tutu was a hit at Glory's birthday party. She even enjoyed playing with it as she wore it. How great is that? Served two functions. I'm sure Rashahn's tutu will be a hit at work on Halloween. She'll have to let us know. I've decided tutus will make great gifts for my cousin's children for Christmas as well. I mean you can't go wrong with something that's adorable and only costs $10-$15. And who doesn't LOVE dress up?!

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  1. UM, number 1) That night was pretty fun! Abby freaking out was freakin' funny.
    number 2) I can't believe you actually posted that picture.
    number 3) You still have not said what you are going to be for Halloween. You need to get on that.