Saturday, May 9, 2009

Abby, Boxer Dog

I kept Abby Boxer Dog Chatwin from late Monday night until Thursday morning of this week at Robert & Rashahn's apartment while they were out of town. Abby LOVES Aunt Kristi! Therefore I knew it would be a fun couple of days, yet also challenging. I have a problem making Abby behave, something which I get reprimanded for. As Robert puts it "You give her too many loop holes." Unfortunately it's true. And it's probably why she loves me so much. She knows when I come over that I'll let her jump on me, crawl on top of me, lick me, sit with me...pretty much anything. Yes, I'm a sucker. However, I knew I had to keep her in line while her parents were gone or they would be able to tell when they returned and I'd for sure hear about it! lol! Before they left Robert instructed me on exactly how to care for her, including what to do when putting her leash on her, walking her, picking up her poop, feeding her, and going to bed. I am happy to say that I successfully did all those things with NO LOOP HOLES. She behaved perfectly!

It was funny to see some of Abby's quirks/habits. She had to fall asleep touching me. If I moved, she moved. It was pretty precious. Especially when she fell asleep with her head on my shoulder the first night. Awww! She LOVES chasing after birds & rabbits. I thought she was going to rip my arm out of its socket doing this a few times. She really enjoyed her bandana and toy that I brought her. :-) She followed me from room to room and would whine when I shut her out to use the bathroom. She was a very good puppy while her Mommy & Daddy were away. It was fun to have a pup for a few days. Not sure I'm ready for one full-time though. Maybe in the future. We'll see.

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