Saturday, May 9, 2009


I have just recently discovered redbox and HAD to share with everyone. I had heard about it randomly through some friends for a while now but hadn't given it much thought. Another way to rent movies, whatever. So I got to Walgreens the other day and there was one right in front of where I parked. I decided I would check it out. NEW RELEASES for JUST $1!?!?! Wow! And I don't have to have a membership and pay a certain fee monthly?! Awesome! So I tried it out the next weekend when my sister and a friend were in town. We rented 'Marley & Me' (don't watch unless you want to bawl). All I had to do was pay $1.08, the machine distributed it, and we got to watch this new release. Yay! And it just had to be returned by 9 pm the next evening. I even got an email from them saying I had rented the movie and reminded me when it had to be returned. I then received another email when I returned it saying it had been returned. I've used it twice since and it's great! $1.08 for each movie. What could be better!? So I suggest you check it out. You'll love it too!


  1. That's awesome!! Will have to check it out...

  2. I've seen this but never used it b/c I usually don't carry cash on me...does it take debit cards? :) We have one at our Albertsons near the house.