Friday, May 1, 2009

I'm Addicted!

It has come to my attention lately that I am apparently addicted to Chick-fil-A. How did this come to my attention? When looking at your bank account online if all your money is going to Chick-fil-A and you eat there multiple times a week, sometimes twice in the same day, you might be addicted. Yes, it's sad. And it's not like I'm being unhealthy. I'm actually eating good for me stuff when I eat there. My favs? Their tea. It's awesome! Now I LOVE their sweet tea but because it's not Weight Watcher friendly I opt for the unsweet and add equal to it. Still greatness! Their grilled chicken sandwhich and nuggets are good too. And those pickles! Where can I buy those because they are not like ones I've bought in the store. I also love their salads. Now you have to be careful with salad. It can be healthy for you until you add the dressing. Then you might as well eat the fried chicken with a milkshake. One package of the Buttermilk Ranch that comes with the salad is 16 points on WW. SAD, but true. So now I get the salad and head home to add Hidden Valley Light Ranch to it. Awesome! I don't know why I'm so addicted lately. Lazy and not wanting to fix anything for myself? Possible. But it's just good! And their billboards and slogans are pretty clever too! AND they are closed on Sundays! It's all around greatness! Go Chick-fil-A! ;-)


  1. Chick fil A is the best. And I agree it is healthy and still considered fast food! Where else can you eat for less than $14 a day (two meals!?) I used to eat there twice a day sometimes as well-at least 5 times a week. Then one day about 6 months ago I just got burnt out and maybe only go once every two or three weeks. So yes, there can be too much of a good thing unfortnuantely-so watch out!

  2. I hate that they are closed on Sundays! But I respect it... I am addicted as well. I wish they would build one in Wylie. Or maybe I don't. : )