Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pooper Scooping‏

I kept Abby the Boxer Dog again this past week while her mommy & daddy were out of town. During my two recent stints keeping Abby something has really started to bother me. What is that you ask? I am bothered how people do not pick up after their animals. If your animal poops it's your responsibility to pick it up. My own apartment complex is full of guilty people not doing this. I've even stepped in it before walking to my apartment. I assure you cleaning that up was not fun. I feel that as a pet owner you sign on to take care of that animal. You feed them, walk them, let them potty, but you should also clean up after them. The dog is not able to do it themselves. It's your job. The other day I had a girl in the office at my complex call and ask me if I knew who was letting their dog poop by the tree close to my apartment. I told her I didn't, but that I definitely stepped in it right there. She asked me to call her if I saw someone and to describe the dog and they would try to get to the bottom of it. They want me to be a snitch! lol! I really have no problem doing so though. They should PICK IT UP. The complex where I walk Abby is full of poop too. It is also not well lighted at night so I have NO clue what I'm stepping on when I take her out for her last walk of the day. It's probably better I do not know. I just made sure my shoes were clean when I came in the house! :-)

The other day I was walking back inside from taking Abby to potty and one of the neighbors thanked me for picking up after her. She had complained to the complex about the lack of other people doing so. While keeping her this week I had even gone to the trouble to walk to the other end of the complex to get a poop baggy so I could go back across the complex and pick it up. The station closest to where she went was empty. Because I am in charge of her while her parents are away, I took on the responsibility of cleaning up after her, like a good auntie should. I also don't agree that if the station is out of bags that you leave it. Nope. Your dog, your responsibility. Parks and apartment complexes provide the bags as a courtesy service to you. Buy your own bags at the store. They have them. I've seen them. Okay, stepping off the poop box now. I just had to vent. And if you aren't picking up your dogs poop in public places, DO SO. I'm watching you and I will tattle!

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  1. you are so responsible! Maybe your apartment people would pay you to be the "poop patrol". I would look into it!