Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day

On Sunday I celebrated Mother's Day with my Mom & Grandma (pictured above). It was a very good day and it reminded me how thankful I am for these two wonderful ladies.

My Grandma has always been the hardest working woman I know. My memories of her growing up are of her getting up before the sun was shining, making breakfast for my Papa, doing dishes, laundry, keeping a spotless house, feeding the chickens and collecting their eggs, working in her flower beds (she has always had an amazing green thumb), working in the garden pulling ripe tomatoes off the vine, picking blackberries, and snapping green beans. My grandmother would also work right beside by Papa tending to the cattle. She never slowed down and never complained. She couldn't imagine that us grandchildren wanted to be inside watching TV. That was just unheard of. A stroke in 2000 drastically changed my grandmother's life. She can no longer do the things she did her entire life. She turned 87 in March and suffers from osteoporosis and dementia. It makes me sad to see my hard working grandmother this way. Even though her body is deteriorating I can still see glimpses of her spirit. She still has that smile and laugh when I say something to surprise her. I love my Grandma! (Picture: 1992 with my Papa & Grandma)

My Mom is my hero. She is a TWO TIME breast cancer SURVIVOR. She is strong and faithful. My mom has never let her diagnosis' get her down. She is the epitome of the saying 'Attitude is Everything.' She had the best attitude when going through her treatments. It amazed me. She was not going to lay down and wallow in this diagnosis. She always stood up and fought as hard as she could. Even after grueling radiation and chemo treatments, losing all her hair, her body aching, and being nauseated she kept up a good attitude and continued to pray to God. I see God in my mom. He uses her daily to help others who are going through the same battle. I know that God answers prayers and miracles happen because of my mom. She's definitely a fighter. Quitting was NOT an option. The picture to the right is of Mother's Day 2000, just two months after mom was diagnosed with breast cancer the first time. In later years she told us that as we were taking that picture she was thinking to herself that it might be her last Mother's Day. I thank God that we have had many Mother's Days with her since then and I pray to God that we continue to have many, many Mother's Days to come.

I also think of a mother who is no longer with us on Mother's Day. My Mammaw passed away at the age of 87 in 2001 of stomach cancer. We miss her. She was a strong woman who raised 3 children on her own after her husband passed away in 1965. She never dated, never remarried. All her energy was put into her children and grandchildren. I remember her smile most. She had the best smile. One of us grandchildren could be saying something very tacky about someone else and try as she would that smile would peak through. I loved seeing that smile when we would surprise her with a visit or have family get togethers. I will always remember her love of sweets, as that's probably were I get it from. I can picture her right now sitting in her chair, watching TV, and quilting. I love my memories of her. They will be with me forever. (Picture: 2001 of Mammaw at Easter. My last picture of her.)

I have been blessed with wonderful women in my life who serve as examples of what mother's should be. Thank you. I love you. Happy Mother's Day.


  1. What a great tribute to the wonderful women in your life!! Aren't moms and grandmoms awesome!