Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cat vs Dog

I love both cats and dogs, which is funny because I really used to despise cats until I got one. Haha! But as I awoke this morning in my own bed with my cat, after having dog sat twice recently, I think the cat wins out as the best apartment animal. Don't get me wrong, dogs are great if you have a house and a yard, but they are hard in apartments. This morning I did not have a dog start jumping on me at 6:30 because she needed to go potty. My cat has a litter box and knows that if he needs to potty he goes in there...well most of the time. It was nice to not have to get up, put on shoes, and go immediately outside. Also, you don't have to deal with other dogs poo. I clean my cats litter box and that is that. I don't worry about stepping in other poo elsewhere. I don't have to worry about a dog being in a crate all day while I'm at work and needing to schedule my day around making sure they can go out to potty. My cat as the run of the apartment, he comes and goes as he pleases around the place, potty when he wants, and eats and drinks when he wants. I also don't have to go out in the dark for that one last potty before bed. Nope. Cats are self-sufficient and don't need to be taken to potty. Therefore I think a cat is the only way to go for an apartment pet. I've pretty much talked myself out of getting a dog until I have a house with a yard. Hopefully that will happen someday. Until then it's me and the cat! :-)

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  1. I had a cat once upon a time. Was allergic to it. (Helen has her - Callie). I have a dog now and am definitely no longer sold on inside dogs either. So no more animals for me after this one! I'll just enjoy someone else's.

    (We do have one fish named Harley.)