Sunday, May 3, 2009

Singing in the Rain

Last night was the Kenny Chesney - Sun City Carnival concert at Pizza Hut Park in Frisco. I LOVE Kenny Chesney! There is just something about that man! I first saw him at SFA in 2001 before he was a big name. His star was just on the rise at that point. I've seen him at least once every year since then. So I've seen him over 8 times. Some say I'm crazy. Maybe. But I love him.

I hadn't even planned on going to the concert last night until last weekend. I decided I would be a mature adult and not spend the money since I am going to the George Strait/Reba McEntire concert in a month and spent $82 on that. My friends said they had to pick one or the other and everyone opted for George since we've all seen Kenny before. I thought I could do it. I tried to. But after hearing Kenny's new song on the radio multiple times, and falling in love with it, I knew there was NO WAY. Courtney said she would go with me and we bought tickets! Yes, I could not resist.

The weather yesterday was not so great. There were lots of storms all around the area. The concert was rain or shine though and 96.3 said the concert was NOT canceled. The radio station also said that you could not bring umbrellas in. Oh boy. Courtney got to my apt around 5:30, which is when the concert started, and shortly afterward we headed there. It was raining and nasty. Yay. We drove around to find some parking and ended up parking pretty far away, so we had a nice little walk to the stadium. Before getting out of the car we got our weather gear on. I opted for one of the Dollar General rain ponchos that mom had sent with Court and she used one of my rain jackets. It was probably not a good sign that I poked a hole in the poncho before I even got it on. lol! Lady Antebellum was opening so we listened to them as we trekked in. As Court so eloquently stated on our way in "Only idiots do this!" We got in and got to our seats. It was pretty nasty sitting in the rain. After Lady Antebellum was done singing the rain got harder so we headed up top to stand under a covered area with all the other people at the concert. It was thundering, lighting, and POURING. We were pretty soaked. FINALLY Miranda Lambert came out and started singing. She was opening for Kenny as well. We listened to most of her performance under the covered area but as the rain lightened we gave in and went to sit down for a bit. After she finished we decided we would go get some food before Kenny took the stage. We were soaked but the rain was only a light mist at this point so it was pretty nice. After grabbing some personal pan pizza's from the Pizza Hut stand we headed back to our seats. We actually weren't even sitting in the seats we purchased. Since people obviously didn't show we moved to another nearby section so we could see a little better. We were very excited when Kenny took the stage and the rain had stopped. This must be a sign! Even God wanted us to enjoy some KC! He started with 'She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy' and the crowd roared. Yay!!!! Being soaked was worth it! He sang for about 20 minutes and the rain started again. It poured pretty hard for a few minutes and then stopped. Of course that lasted for about 5 minutes and then it started to really POUR...HARD. People started running. Kenny said he'd stay as long as we did, so he sang in the rain. It was appropriate that he started singing his song 'There's Something Sexy About The Rain'. It was perfect! The rain just kept getting harder though. Every inch of us was soaked. Courtney had been scared of the lightening all evening and opted to go up under the cover. I told her I had to stay. I was singing along with Kenny in the rain. lol! Two songs later Kenny saw a big lightening streak and said "I think everyone should get the hell outta here. I'll be back." On that note I was off. I located Court and we stood under the cover for a while. We didn't know if Kenny was coming back out or not. I just couldn't leave yet. After about 5 or 10 minutes the stadium lights came on and an announcement was made that the concert was canceled and to hold on to our tickets because Kenny would come back in 30 days and we could all get discount tickets if we kept our original ones. On that note we were outta there. The stadium was full of water. Some parts were up to our ankles. It was very difficult keeping my flip flops on. It was pretty hilarious. I would only endure this for Kenny Chesney. It was ridiculous. Court & I finally made it back to the car and to my apt. We stripped off all the wet clothes and tried to get warm. We couldn't believe what we'd just done. I thanked Court because I knew that she was only doing this for me and that she was the only one who would do this for me. lol!

I look forward to Kenny coming back sometime in the next month. Although I think our tickets should be FREE, not just discounted. But whatever. It's Kenny. I HAVE to go. I just pray it doesn't rain! ;-)


  1. You are a hard core fan!I can see Courtney not enjoying it as much as you! Nobody would! Haha. Well it will be a memorable experience!

  2. i found your post b/c i was searching for articles about the event yesterday. i was there too. i can't believe the way the concert was handled and there was total disregard to public safety!! kenny needs to come back and i sure hope it is for free!! this is the 4th time i've seen him in concert & the 3rd time at pizza hut park and they are by far the worst venue ever! i plan on writing a letter to the city of frisco, pizza hut park and the concert promoters. i hope they get flooded with complaints on how this was handled! check out this link for more info too:

  3. You are true to Kenny. I can admire that. At least he could just take his hat off and the rain ran right off his bald head. Hmm.

    (that's for all the times you have made fun of John m.)

  4. I was there too!!! I hope you stayed dry! We got there at 1 so I was pretty much soaked!

  5. Kenny comes back Sunday May 17 to PHP. If you have your ticket it cost $15.00 for a new one. Rain or Shine and you know it can't rain more than it did Saturday night!

  6. I busted out laughing when you said that you had poked a hole in the poncho when you were tyring to put it on....Haha!