Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Let's Finish What We Started‏

I love Kenny Chesney.

Sunday night was the Kenny Chesney make-up show at Pizza Hut Park. Making up for the one that was canceled 40 min into Kenny's performance due to storms two weeks ago. Right at 7:30 Kenny's tour banner went up and he quietly walked out to the end of the t-shaped stage. No music was playing, nothing was being said. Kenny got to the mic and said "Now where was I?" and finished singing "There's Something Sexy About The Rain" with clips from the rained out performance from two weeks ago playing in the background (pictured above). The crowd went wild. Kenny was here and he was going to finish what he started. The concert was free, if you had tickets to the previous concert and it was general admission. Courtney & I ended up getting better seats than we originally had and we didn't even arrive before the gates opened. Kenny performed this show on his own dime. He had fulfilled his obligation previously and did not have to make-up the rained out performance. You could tell he wanted to do it right. There was an awesome energy in the arena and the weather was perfect this time. Kenny played his own songs for two solid hours and then started playing songs by U2, Alabama, Lynard Skynard, Tom Petty, George Strait, David Allen Coe, and many others. It was awesome. At one point Kenny said his feet were tired and to excuse him for a minute and he sat down on the stage and took off his boots and socks and was ready to go again. I love Kenny Chesney! He was running around the stage, bringing out everyone in his band and crew to sing with him. He told us he wanted to finish what we all started two weeks ago and we would spend about 3 or 4 hours doing so. By the time Kenny was done (he commented that they were out of songs) it was 10:30. Yes, it was a three hour night of just Kenny and it was amazing. During the concert I looked around at all these crazy people singing along to all the songs and having a good time and was reminded why I love country music. Yes, some make fun of it, but that's okay. They just don't understand. Country music is some of the best in the world and so are it's fans. I don't think I can quite explain it. You either get it or you don't. Sunday night was amazing. I've attended many a concert but I will venture to say that Sunday night was the best. A special t-shirt was even made for the event that said "There's Something Sexy About The Rain, Lightening, and a Dallas Make-Up Show". Well said. I'm just sad I didn't make it to the merchandise tents before they were sold out (although I've already been looking online for them).

Yes folks, I love Kenny Chesney.


  1. I love country music (and yes, I would consider Kenny to fall into that category) but most of what is produced today is not, in my opinion, COUNTRY music. Reba, George, Randy, Alabama, Tanya, Vince--those are the real deal country. So which one are you talking about that you love?

    I am so glad you go to experience this concert. As much as I tease you about Kenny, I know you love him so much and I can appreciate that.

  2. Glad you got a make-up concert!!