Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mr. Airplane Man‏

On Thursday Brinda and I hopped a plane at Love Field headed for Lubbock so we could attend Erin's Medical School graduation. Shortly after taking our seats I noticed a guy, in the row of seats diagonal from us, continually staring in our direction. I tried to ignore it the first couple of times. But I kept seeing him look over in our direction out of the corner of my eye. It was making me self-conscious. I had no clue what he was looking at. I turned to Brinda, who was sitting by the window, and told her about this guy. She thought maybe he was trying to stare out the window. I thought this was a little strange since he was closer to the one on his side of the plane. She then began to notice it as well. We were both a little annoyed and Brinda decided that the next time he looked over she would kind of nod her head toward him as if saying "what's up?". I told her okay, but wasn't sure what this would bring about. I had looked at him once, he noticed, smiled, and kept on staring. Weirdo. So of course he looked our way again and Brinda nodded toward him and that's when it all happened. The rest of the plane ride I talked to this very strange stranger. Oh, and he was just trying to stare out our window! lol!

From my conversation with this stranger I know that he is divorced with two children and that according to him his ex-wife is Satan. The lady next to him was his girlfriend and between them they have five children, and according to him they are NEVER getting married. She was very embarrassed that he wouldn't quit talking to us. She kept trying to get him to stop and then apologized when he wouldn't. She told us she was sorry we had to put up with what she always has to put up with. lol! This guy was crazy. I'm not sure if he had A.D.D., was drunk, or what. But he was definitely different. He told us they are not getting married, and then joked that she was pregnant with twins, to which she gasped and denied and said he was crazy. He just laughed. They were headed to Lubbock for a wedding, or a funeral as he called it. He was a pallbearer (aka groomsman) and said he still had a few days to talk his friend out of the wedding. Nice, huh? He asked if I liked country music to which I of course replied yes. He asked who my favorite was to which I of course replied KENNY CHESNEY. He said he used to like him but didn't really anymore. His favorite is Brad Paisley and he really likes he new song 'Then'. He does something with oil and gas (I think) and used to work in Frisco at Hall Office Park, which came up when he asked where I lived. They live in Rockwall and met at church, which wasn't where he normally hung out on Sunday mornings. He was normally at the bar. He said he we could get a drink when we got to Lubbock and said that he liked to drink some, to which I responded "I can tell" since he'd ordered two drinks from the flight attended and slightly freaked out when they didn't come out together. He liked my response and said I was funny and he liked talking to me, which he commented on multiple times. Pretty sure he'd been drinking before the plane ride as well. Oh jeez! Keep in mind that by this time everyone in the rows around us are looking at us like we are crazy. Awesome, just what I wanted. He put a wad of dip in his lower lip and Brinda told me to tell him it was going to give him cancer. I told him in a nicer way that my friend was concerned about him because she's a dentist and knows that dipping can cause cancer. At this point he asks if we are friends (lol) and goes on and on about Brinda being a dentist and how he used to smoke but doesn't anymore and drinks less than he used to so the dipping isn't so bad. Um, okay. On our descent into Lubbock airport his asked Brinda why he had ear pressure. He wanted her to tell him since she's a doctor. We found at that his girlfriend was an attorney. He said she had to defend him a lot. I then joked and asked if that's really how they met. He thought this was good too. We were still talking when the plane landed and by this time everyone on the plane was looking and listening to us. Brinda kept telling me to quit talking to him but what was I going to do?! Sit there and ignore the crazy man?

Finally we got off the plan, grabbed our luggage (strategically avoiding him), and then he was gone. It's strange how you meet and talk to people randomly and you never know what happens to them after that. Did he talk his friend out of getting married? Will he and the attorney ever get married? Did he talk like a crazy fool to another stranger on the plane ride back to Dallas? No clue. But it was definitely the most interesting plane ride I've ever been on. Thanks for the crazy memories, Mr. Airplane Man.


  1. Great Post! I would have been sitting beside you telling you to ignore him, too.

  2. Haha, sounds like a soap opera if you ask me! Aren't people interesting, though? I'd have just sat there and listened to the conversation. How funny. :)